Important Health & Safety Trends in 2022

Across the board, the number one priority of employers must be the safety of their employees. Maintaining a safe environment for workers to come to is no laughing matter, and steps should be taken to ensure all employees are up-to-date on the top safety practices and trends. This will help keep everybody safe and will help build a healthy workplace culture.

So in order to keep everybody safe in your workplace, what are the top health and safety trends of 2022 so far?

The Top Safety Trends In 2022

Staying up to date on health and safety trends and best practices can be overwhelming. However, it is extremely necessary.

Wearable Protective Equipment

Wearables have consistently been one of the most useful forms of protection in certain workplaces. Wearable protective equipment includes:

  • Hardhats
  • Work gloves
  • Bulletproof vest
  • Steel toed boots
  • Goggles

There are hundreds of reasons one should invest in quality wearables for their employees, but the most obvious and most major reason is to prevent potentially avoidable accidents with the proper protective equipment. Taking the time to properly set up employees for success is a major factor in their overall safety in the workplace.

Reinforcing Office Safety Culture

Enforcing office safety culture is one of the most effective safety trends. Meetings with all employees to discuss safety expectations are crucial. Having everybody on the same page and following the same health & safety values reduces the risk of workplace injury significantly.

Virtual Training

Consistent training seminars are a helpful way of promoting health and safety in the workplace. Making sure everybody’s memories are refreshed on all Health and safety practices is an excellent way for employees to hold each other accountable.

Training is proven to be one of the number one contributors to a safe workplace. If you believe your company could benefit from Advanced Consulting & Trainings services, do not hesitate to contact us today.

Investing In PPE

PPE and wearables are different. Wearable protective equipment prevents injuries like hitting your head. PPE uses tough, durable materials to prevent any potential damage from occurring. PPE, which stands for personal protective equipment, are items such as face shields, masks, and latex gloves. The purpose of these items is to prevent cross-contamination of chemicals, and the spread of germs.

Investing in PPE for your employees will have a major effect on employees’ desire to come to work, as well as help improve the overall morale in the office. We strongly recommend investing in PPE if you’re operating in an industrial or construction sector.

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