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Advanced Consulting and Training Accreditation


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Our Safety Accreditations

Any company can claim to be the leader in workplace safety, but not all of them have the accreditations to back that claim up. At Advanced Consulting and Training, we ensure to have up-to-date accreditations in all areas relevant to workplace health and safety. By working closely with safety regulatory authorities, we are able to offer training which meet and exceed requirements mandated by the government.

Advanced Consulting and Training is Cheif Prevention Officer-Approved, WSIB Recognized, and TSSA Accredited. Our steadfast commitment to workplace safety means we are always updating our training to reflect the newest developments in the field. Don't leave the safety of your customers and employees up in the air, go with Advanced Safety and Consulting and work with a trusted and accredited safety consultant.

OUR AccreditationS

Chief Prevention Officer-Approved

Advanced Consulting and Training’ is recognized by Ontario’s Chief Prevention Officer. This recognition reflects our commitment to providing the highest quality training to ensure workplace safety and prevent injuries, illnesses, and fatalities.

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WSIB Recognized

The Workplace Safety & Insurance Board (WSIB) is part of the Ontario Ministry of Labour. Advanced Consulting and Training is recognized under the WSIB’s Health and Safety Excellence program.

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TSSA Accredited

The Technical Standards and Safety Authority administers technical standards and rules for elevators, boilers, and other machinery. ACT is TSSA Accredited to deliver courses and training for these environments.

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Certified Health & Safety Consultant

ACT is A Certified Health and Safety Consultant as recognized by the Canadian Society of Safety Engineering. This certification reflects our excellence in professional Safety consulting across many industries.

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Advanced Consulting and Training has an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau, the highest possible rating. We earn our A+ rating thanks to our transparent and trustworthy way of doing business.

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workers participate in workplace safety audit

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