Personal Protective Equipment

Course Outline

Personal Protective Equipment

General information on course

Personal protective equipment (PPE) is used to reduce or minimize the exposure or contact to physical, chemical or biological hazards. A hazard cannot be eliminated by PPE, but the risk of injury can be eliminated or greatly reduced. Throughout this session, participants will be provided with the information on how to assess, select and determine the correct PPE for the work they are performing. Participants must complete and pass this course to receive their record of training (ROT).


Can be a half day depending on the size of the group and participant interaction.

Who Should Attend:

A worker required to wear or use any protective clothing, equipment or device shall be instructed and trained in its care and use before wearing or using the protective clothing, equipment or device (Ontario Regulation 851: Industrial Establishments, Section 79).

A worker shall wear such protective clothing and use such personal protective equipment or devices as are necessary to protect the worker against the hazards to which the worker may be exposed (Ontario Regulation 213/91: Construction Projects, Section 21(1)).


Upon the successful completion of this safety training program, participants will understand:

  • The legislative requirements (Government Regulations, CSA Standards and Manufacturers Guidelines and Principles);
  • The duties and responsibilities of workplace stakeholders;
  • The different types of PPE and their uses.


  • Property maintain and care for PPE;
  • Understand the PPE selection process;
  • Properly store PPE.

By means of group discussion, case studies and one-on-one instruction, participants will gain the ability to apply what they learn in this course.

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