Workplace Safety Audits

Workplace Safety Audits



Workplace Safety Audits: An Investment in Excellence

A workplace safety audit is an essential part of a comprehensive safety program. These tasks, performed by competent managers who are well trained and experienced in safety protocol, help ensure that due diligence is carried out in creating, maintaining and bolstering a safe environment for your employees. A safe environment is a productive environment! That’s why it is imperative that you have proper safety protocol for compliance in WHMIS-GHS, first aid CPR, Competent Supervisor and more.

Workplace safety audits are getting increased attention these days. Why? Conducting a workplace safety audit helps reduce the likelihood of workplace injuries. They help your organization promote itself as a safety leader, a great place to work and a valued member of the community. In other words, workplace safety audits are an investment in excellence. That’s why at Advanced Consulting and Training, we offer valuable services for organizations looking to train their supervisors in managers in performing effective workplace safety audits.

No Stone Unturned, No Idea or Report Ignored: Due Diligence in Safety Audits

There are different levels of workplace safety audits that are all performed in concert. Supervisors should perform safety audits on an ongoing basis, e.g. weekly, to monitor and coach their employees on effective safety practices. Then there are monthly audits, which include checking employee knowledge and awareness as well as inspections of facilities, emergency gear, personal protective equipment (PPE) and so on. Finally comes the bigger-picture safety audits, conducted annually, which entail not only inspections and testing but a gathering of staff and management to discuss safety concerns and suggestions for improvement.

Documentation of all workplace safety audits is crucial. That’s why it’s important to start with the end in mind. Prepare a series of checklists so that you’ll know what to look for. Then be sure that nothing is overlooked when notating all safety inspections, but the good and what needs to be improved. This way, should you ever be audited by the Ministry of Labour, you can show that due diligence was taken. To find out more about how Advanced Consulting & Training can help with your workplace safety audits, contact us today.

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