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CPO Approved | WSIB Recognized | TSSA Accredited

At Advanced Consulting & Training, we offer a wide range of workplace safety programs. Our courses cover the essentials of safety, such as emergency first aid, CPR, etc. We also go into detail on various safety aspects of specific operations, meaning you’ll be able to find the appropriate course(s) that apply to your field and your organization’s needs.

We conduct courses at our facility on Antares Road in Ottawa, and can also facilitate on-site training at your location. No matter how big or small your team is, we can tailor training to meet your requirements. ACT’s safety training programs are approved by and conducted in compliance with the Ontario Ministry of Labour, and are designed to keep your company operating safely.

Most Popular Programs

boom lift nearing roof

AEWP/Boom Lift

In this hands-on training course you will learn proper fall protection practices specific to boom lifts and safe operation, with the goal to protect your own safety and those around your work area. Ideal for beginners & as a refresher.
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outdoor painting on scissor lift

AEWP/Scissor Lift

One of our more popular courses, the Scissor Lift program trains staff how to work on and operate a scissor lift safely, while using effective fall protection systems to protect yourself and those you work around.
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hazardous waste

Dangerous Goods

The Dangerous Goods safety training course is targeted at carriers, shippers, receivers & drivers responsible for the shipping, receiving & delivery of Dangerous Goods as defined under Transportation of Dangerous Goods law.
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crane at a job site


The Crane course is geared towards individuals who supervise Overhead Crane operators or operate an Overhead Crane as part of their day-to-day job activities. It is a comprehensive, hands-on safety training course.
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man working safely up high

Working at Heights

The Working at Heights course trains on the proper use of fall protection equipment when working at heights to prevent serious injuries and/or fatalities, including fall arrest systems and other fall protection.
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man operating forklift

Forklift Classes

Our forklift safety training classes cover pre-shift inspections, safe lifting, operating and load handling procedures, proper parking & immobilization, pedestrian safety and the proper use of hand signals.
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There are many benefits to workplace safety training. These include:

  1. Reducing workplace accidents & injuries:Proper safety training means fewer accidents. Reducing workplace accidents and injuries should be the primary goal of workplace safety training
  2. Enhancing productivity in the workplace:If a workplace is safe, employees are better able to focus on their tasks and more productive.
  3. Boosting employee morale:Employees who have undergone health and safety training tend to be more satisfied with their employers than those who have not. Employees who do not fear they risk injury or worse at work have higher morale.
  4. Saving money:Workplace injuries are expensive. They cost money in the form of disrupted work schedules, lost productivity, clean-up and repair, hiring replacement workers, time spent investigations, potential lawsuits and more.
  5. Remaining compliant with laws & regulations:Depending on the work environment, there can be any number of laws and regulations governing training and certifications required for workers. Adequate workplace safety training ensures your company remains compliant.

In order to be on a construction site in Ontario, workers must first pass a WHIMIS certification course, working at heights training, and either a worker safety awareness or competent supervisor course depending on their role.

According to the Occupational Health and safety Act (OHSA), employees have three basic rights:

  1. The right to know means that employers must provide a wide range of information about workplace hazards to workers and Joint Health and Safety Committees (JHSC).
  2. The right to participate means that employees have the right to be consulted, via JHSCs about workplace health and safety issues
  3. The right to refuse means that workers have a right to refuse work that you believe is dangerous to your personal health or safety.

These rights are in place to protect employees and to ensure that all workplaces are safe and productive.

Advanced Consulting and Training offers a wide variety of in-person courses as well as online options. Please note, certain courses must be completed in person and online learning is not meant to be a replacement to in person learning. Online safety courses are especially useful for keeping employee safety knowledge updated. If you would like to see our full offering of online courses, you can check them out here.

Advanced Consulting & Training is proud to have received a number of accreditation, reflecting our dedication to providing the highest level of safety training to our clients in Ontario. We are:

  • Chief Prevention Officer-Approved
  • WSIB Recognized
  • TSSA Accredited
  • Certified Health & Safety Consultant
  • BBB A+ Rating

We are dedicated to providing the best possible safety training for you and your employees. Visit our accreditations page to learn more.

welding workers in a shop

Additional Workplace Safety Program

In addition to the above courses, we also offer workplace safety training in a number of specialized areas. These include specific stages and components of workplace operations, some applicable across a wide variety of industries while others are more niche. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, let us know.

  • Arc Flash and Basic Electrical Awareness
  • Power Actuated Tools
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Stilts Safety
  • Slips Trips and Falls
  • Hoisting and Rigging
  • Trenching Safety Awareness
  • Respiratory Awareness and Fit Testing
  • H2S Alive
  • Swing Stage Awareness
boom lift in Ontario

Boom Lift Course and Boom Lift Recertification

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scissor lift in ontario

The Importance of Scissor Lift Training and Re-Training

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What Does an Ontario Workplace Safety Consulting Company Do?

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men working at construction site high up

Working at Heights: Fall Protection Training & Re-Training

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workplace safety review being conducted

Have You Reviewed Your Workplace Safety Procedures & Prevention Recently?

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Keeping Workers Safe During Cold Winter Weather

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Workplace Safety: October is Fire Prevention Month

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Health & Safety Inspector: Ensuring Workplace Safety

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man taking online safety training

Online Workplace Safety Training: COVID-19 Friendly

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confined space entry team at opening

Confined Space Entry Management for Safe Workplaces

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supervisor in workplace talking to staff

Manager Due Diligence: Meeting Legal & Ethical Responsibilities for Workplace Safety

If you are a manager or supervisor in a workplace, you know from the outset what the duties of your role entail. In addition to the specific responsibilities – both