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Save Time & Money With Online Safety Training

The online safety training courses offered by Advanced Consulting & Training are approved by the Ministry of Labour and are an exceptional offering for your organization’s ongoing safety efforts. We’ve made it more convenient than ever to acquire workplace safety certification for Transportation of Dangerous Goods, WHMIS/GHS, and Benson training.

Online safety training is an efficient way to get your team members up to speed or refreshed on a number of safety aspects. They are not designed to replace in-person safety training altogether, but rather to augment the classroom and onsite classes we offer by keeping your team in the safety loop without pulling them off the job for extended periods of time. This saves you time and money.

Online Safety Training Programs

transporting hazardous materials

Transportation of Dangerous Goods

This online course trains people who are shipping, handling or transporting dangerous goods to be trained in compliance with Transport Canada standards.

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Our online WHMIS/GHS class is recognized across Canada and takes only a short time to complete. Ensure your team is up to date with WHMIS/GHS certification and compliance.

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We conduct a variety of online safety training for The Benson Group. If you've been sent here to take a training course, click below to sign up & get started.

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Yes it does. OSHA recognizes the utility of online training. Online training can be an effective way to improve accountability, recordkeeping, safety readiness, and worker engagement in safety matters.
Online safety training has a number of benefits. Online safety training is very accessible, meaning employees can be trained any time, anywhere. This is especially important due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Online training is also a more affordable option than classroom training, helping employers save money while providing them with the training they need to work safely. If you believe you or your employees could benefit from online safety training, contact us today.
Not every safety training course is suited to online training. Many of our courses such as AEWP/Boom Lift training require a hands-on in-person component in order to be properly trained.
According to regulations, anyone who handles, offers for transport, or transports dangerous goods require transportation of dangerous goods certification. The Transportation of Dangerous Goods act defines hading as “loading, unloading, packing or unpacking dangerous goods in a means of containment for the purposes of, in the course of or following transportation and includes storing them in the course of transportation (manutention)” only. This includes a wide range of jobs such as truck drivers, warehouse workers, forklift operators, and many more.
Yes it is. Employees who complete our online WHIMIS/GHS course will receive a record of training which will be recognized across all of canada. If you or your employees require WHIMIS/GHS training, contact us today.