4 Actions to Take Today to Promote a Workplace Safety Culture

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Safety in the workplace is a fundamental need and major priority for management, employees, suppliers and stakeholders. Provincial and federal safety regulations often require annual training and/or regular compliance measures to ensure there is continuous maintenance of the safety program in the workplace.

Yet often the safety message and the importance of good safety procedures need periodic reminders. Here are four actions you can take right now to ensure that safety measures are an integral part of everyday activity in any workplace, or in other words part of the workplace culture.

The Shared Values of Safety

The concept of “culture” includes the shared values of the community. The workplace is a community; the importance of safety is a responsibility that is shared by employees, management, vendors, suppliers and others who may engage with the workplace. Management must set the tone for a safety culture.

If safety communication & actions from management are positive and proactive, then day-to-day operations and safety culture will reflect that. Employees and suppliers need to adhere continually to procedures as well as provide a valuable feedback loop to management.

A Safe Place to Work, Works Well

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The specific values or benefits of a great safety culture include a boost to employee morale and overall job satisfaction.

If staff can go about their work day, knowing that their safety is important to their employers and co-workers, they are far likelier to feel good about their job. And that feeling goes way beyond just a paycheck. Good morale leads to better productivity and happy employees stick around. Retention and productivity are benefits to the bottom line and helps the business grow. Improved safety means reduced accidents and fewer workers comp payouts, all benefits to any workplace.

Take Action Today

With that in mind, let’s get started on those safety steps you can start taking now!

Assess Workplace Safety Risks

The specific actions to improve your workplace safety culture will depend greatly current risk conditions. If a comprehensive assessment of the workplace has not been done, start today. If completed, make sure it is up to date. Workplaces vary, but are procedures for fire prevention, first aid, emergency exits, other basic safety factors well established? Are there specific risks to the workplace that need specialized attention. This may include certain tools, equipment and/or use of hazardous materials?

Communicate Risks and Safety Reminders Daily

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Management takes the lead with regular training, posters and reminders in common areas, safety service and award programs. A strong tone for workplace safety sets the pace for the workers to follow and contribute to the safety program.

Ensure that Communication is 2-way

A strong safety culture requires participation by all in the community. Employees should have input and identify issues for management to resolve. Line employees, not only supervisors, should be encouraged to join safety teams or safety councils to ensure everyone’s perspective.

Invest in Training

A key to strong shared culture is a common understanding of safety procedures, a good knowledge of rules and regulations. Training programs foster that understanding and knowledge. It’s an investment that can pay off exponentially!

An Ongoing Culture of Safety

These simple four actions will help build a great workplace culture; one where a shared awareness of safety measures is an integral part of everyday activity in the workplace.

To find out more about how Advanced Consulting & Training can help shape the safety culture of your company or organization, contact us today.

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