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11 Tips To Prevent Workplace Accidents

Accidents in the workplace happen more often than you think. There are a number of risks and hazards that may be present in the workplace, especially when working at heights or other areas where falling or coming into contact of hazardous materials is commonplace. It is you and your employer’s utmost priority to ensure that the environment that you work in, is one which is safe so that accidents and injuries can be avoided. In the case of an accident, your team should have a practiced procedure to deal with any emergency that results.

There are some very basic and general actions that you can take in an effort to ensure that workplace accidents and injuries don’t happen to you. Putting these tips into practice will help you and your coworkers avoid costly accidents:

  • Remain alert while you’re on the job. Stay awake and stay alert while you’re performing your duties so that you can enhance your performance and well as avoid being hurt or causing hurt to others.
  • Always work in the proper dress code. You need to wear the appropriate safety uniform and other protective equipment when you’re working – they’re meant to protect you.
  • Be an active listener and participant in emergency drills so that you’ll know how to act in the event that an actual emergency arises.
  • Communicate with your supervisor, concerning the possible risks of doing certain tasks that you feel might expose you to great danger.
  • You may enjoy the thrill of a challenge at work, but taking a high-risk job that you haven’t been trained for, is a huge NO. Avoid doing this, because it will expose you and others to great danger.
  • Stick to the safety program of your workplace, which is mandated by your employer.
  • Ensure that you stay aware and able to identify possible causes of accidents so that you can report it to your supervisors in order for them to resolve the issue.
  • Observe the post signs or rules that you should observe in order to avoid a possible accident on the job. If they aren’t visible or easy to understand, you should report this to management.
  • Join with your co-workers to form an emergency team so that you can monitor possible hazards at work and jump into action in the event of an emergency.
  • Ensure that you never do anything that puts your health and safety at risk. Always make your health and safety a priority.
  • When you are not unsure about how to proceed in a task, ask lots of questions.


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