Workplace Safety Culture During COVID Closing & Reopening

empty store in covid lockdownWith many safety changes made necessary after the emergence of COVID-19, more organizations are keen on meeting industry practices.

Even if it’s a daunting task for some, it does not have to be an unmanageable challenge to your firm.

Make the most of information in this post to engage a comprehensive safety plan for closing and reopening your business.

What Can Employers Do to Improve the Safety Culture of their Workplace During Reopening?

Engagement of relevant stakeholders

empty workplace during covid lockdownCommunication is pivotal to the success of any company’s safety program. And in the case of assuring workplace safety culture, the following ring true:

  • Inform managers, supervisors, workers, etc. on the relevant procedures tied to better operational safety in the workplace
  • Communicating with employees, providing them information on the latest local public health guidelines for workplaces
  • Regular communication with all levels of management and staff on the viability of existing safety processes
  • Consultations with union officials and labour groups to aid smooth communication through your operating chain

Ensuring proper operation of your workplace safety apparatus

If you run your operations from an indoor setting, there’s a need to consider the following:

Ensure proper operation of building fittings in accordance with laid down standards, through:

Several systems are present in closed worksites. What employers need to consider in this regard is lengthy, and here are some examples:

  • Re-commissioning HVAC systems for old buildings to meet current standard
  • empty workplace during covid lockdownAdjustment of air handling units for maximum intake/exhaust potential
  • HVAC maintenance according to building code standards
  • General assessment of building / facilities after prolonged closure

Physical distancing measures

Employers need to leverage the following measures when physical distancing protocols

  • Cohort splits for workers at sites where there’s ample space to engage social distancing
  • Placing physical barriers at designated points to keep workers from close contact
  • Wearing face coverings, masks, and face shields when operating in quarters where social distancing could be challenging
  • Provide PPE for every employee and ensure no sharing of equipment during work hours

What to Do When Closing Up Your Worksite

empty office covid lockdownAside from opening your worksite with the right protocols, closing up is also as important. Consider leveraging the following steps before / while closing down for a lockdown:

  • Disinfect high contact surfaces and tools after every work day
  • Clean demarcations used in partitioning workstations after close of work each day
  • Ensuring all vents and air handling systems are fully-functional
  • Providing equipment for improved support against stagnant air

While we’d all rather not see the need for more lockdowns, we do what we can to operate safely and within the guidelines, bylaws and regulations of the current health and safety environment.

Advanced Consulting & Training – Ontario’s Professional Health & Safety Training Experts

At Advanced Consulting and Training Ltd, we strive to provide our clients extensive safety support to help their businesses grow.

If you’re finding it difficult to engage a professional, sustainable, industry-standard, workplace safety culture, count on ACT.

Our team of experts are on hand to provide the best tips and guidance to stay safe at your worksite. Contact us today to find out more and to get started.

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