Is Your Ontario Workplace Physically Distanced?

scanning temperature in workplaceOne of the main ways to keep the spread of COVID-19 under control is to engage physical distancing. But several sites may find this practice difficult without correct information.

Physical distancing is a relatively new subject, particularly in the workplace. Employers need all the help they can get to ensure their worksite is properly distanced.

For example, some work sites were allowed up to a dozen workers at one station pre-COVID. But with recent realities attached to COVID-19, that really isn’t possible for now.

That’s why it’s essential you make use of these tips below to keep your workers safe and healthy.

Tips on Protecting Against Hazards during COVID-19

Assessment of hazards and policy implementation

covid safety measures in workplaceIs there a high chance of COVID-19 spreading at one or more sections of your job site?

The onus is on you to implement policies targeted at mitigating health risks and limiting chances of infection.

A screening and reporting procedure should do the trick

Consider posting relevant COVID-19 warning signage at strategic points in your work site.

And if there’s a chance of high infection, consider rotating staff during operations.

Provision of non-pharmaceutical aids

Adequate provision of handwashing spots that allow physical distancing is essential to safety in your workplace.

Also, it is necessary to provide hand sanitizers and other cleaning solutions on-site.

Enhanced Measures in Workplaces During the COVID Era

No tool sharing

covid safety measures in workplaceOne of the more common ways to contract COVID-19 in the workplace is through tool sharing.

As an employer, make sure every staff member has his or her complete set of tools.

If tool sharing isn’t possible, like in big machines for example, consider frequent sanitization of such equipment.

Where no physical distancing is possible

If there’s no chance of engaging in physical distancing at the workplace, what can be done to protect your workers?

Employers need to provide their workers additional PPE in such quarters.

Ensure that workers have enough face masks, face shields, hand sanitizers, etc.

Engage proper record keeping

covid safety measures in workplaceDuring COVID-19, information has become pivotal to the sustenance of several businesses.

And it’s still the same when it comes to keeping you and your workers safe.

Create an extensive record-keeping scheme targeted at documenting information of each on-site worker. Your workers on-site entry/exit time, time spent on site, and more should be documented properly.

With this information, you’ll be able to engage swift contact tracing if you find any member has been infected.

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