Tips for Preventing Common Workplace Injuries

female construction worker with a hurt ankle and her manager assessing the injury

Employee safety is the number one concern of thousands of employers. Taking the proper steps to ensure employee safety is extremely important! There are many steps that can be taken to ensure safety for employees in all industries.

Knowing what steps are right for your business can be overwhelming. This is why we’ve put together the top four general tips to help you avoid injuries in the workplace! Following these steps will be a great start to keeping your workers safe.

Four Tips for Preventing Workplace Injury

Here at Advanced Consulting & Training, we have helped thousands of employees stay safe in their workplaces, and your business will be no exception. These simple tips are guaranteed to help improve the overall safety of your workplace.

Educate Employees & Management Staff

The easiest tip to help reduce workplace injury is ensuring all employees are properly educated on health and safety best practices for your industry. Taking the time to provide proper training will reduce the chances of avoidable mistakes occurring in all industries

Provide Proper Protective Gear

warehouse protective helmets to help prevent workplace injuries

Making sure that employees are provided with the proper protective gear is another simple way to avoid any workplace injuries that could be avoided. Keeping these protective items easily available to employees is a great way to help build trust with employees as well. Every industry is different in terms of required protective gear. So make sure to do your research in order to provide adequate equipment for your employees’ needs.

Ensure Your Business Is Adequately Staffed

Making sure that you have the proper amount of employees working to complete the desired tasks for a day is an important way to prevent workplace injury. Making it so your employees feel the need to rush in order to complete all required work for a day due to understaffing can lead to employees cutting corners. When corners are cut, the potential for workplace injury skyrockets. Ensuring you are properly scheduling employees to provide adequate coverage, no matter what industry you are in, will be a huge benefit.

Create An Accountable Work Environment and Build Trust

Creating an accountable workplace is a simple way of reducing workplace injuries! To achieve this, it is important to maintain an open line of communication with your employees. Making sure everybody is aware of expectations in the workplace will help employees work together to ensure everybody is following the proper safety protocols. Creating a trusting and supportive environment will help ensure employees hold each other accountable when it comes to health & safety best practices.

a warehouse worker suffering from an injury while two co-workers assess the situation

Making employees aware of the WSIB process in the event of injury is another important way to build trust amongst employees. This way they know what to do in the event of an accident. This way, they know their job is safe and will be more likely to report an accident.

Advanced Consulting & Training – Ottawa’s Safety Experts

Advanced Consulting & Training is a proud champion of workplace health and safety in the Ottawa region. We are passionate about providing world-class safety training and assistance to businesses across all industries.

Your business can benefit from our cutting-edge health and safety training and consultations. Contact Advanced Consulting & Training today to book a training session for your business. You can never go wrong trusting the professionals!

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