The Importance of Identifying Workplace Hazards

No matter the industry, there will always be workplace hazards that put employees at risk. Some risks are obvious and easy to spot, while others are subtle and much harder to detect. No matter the appearance they take, the danger they pose to employees and the organization at large is always critical.

Risk management, the process of finding hazards and determining the risk factors associated with those hazards, is crucial. Hence, the team at Advanced CT would like you to know just how important workplace hazard identification is.

Protect The Employeeshardhat laying on table in workplace

The most important resource of any company is its workforce. Workplace hazards pose a significant threat to employees. If any employees are affected by workplace hazards, their ability to work is significantly hampered. The morale of their colleagues suffers as a result. The loss of the employee’s contribution and morale decrease in the organization will also reduce productivity. A proper workplace risk assessment will allow employers to mitigate, if not eliminate, any hazards in the workplace. This will allow the employees to perform to the best of their ability without worry.

Avoid Legal Trouble

The Canada Labour Code establishes strict standards with regard to health and safety in the workplace. Hazard identification, occurrence, and reporting are all covered under the code, as are the rights and responsibilities of all the parties involved. Employees have to know about any possible workplace hazards. Then they can choose to participate or refuse. The consequences of flouting the Labour Code involve steep fines that can financially cripple a company. A thorough workplace risk assessment will give employers the ability to fully comply with the Labour Code and avoid any legal issues.

Reduce Financial Strainworkers taking notes about workplace safety

In the aftermath of an accident due to a workplace hazard, the employee will require significant medical attention to fully recover. The necessary medical procedures to diagnose and remedy the situation will be borne by the company. If the worker needs rehabilitation to return to full strength, that will increase the costs even more. A risk assessment can help a company avoid even the occurrence of accidents caused by workplace hazards or, at the very least, reduce the effects as much as possible.

Advanced Consulting and Training – Leaders in Occupational Health and Safety Solutions

A risk assessment does not guarantee a risk-free working environment. What it can provide is the necessary information to make health and safety decisions in the workplace. By allowing employers to minimize the risk of workplace hazards as much as possible, employers can create a stable and productive environment in an efficient way.

Please contact us if you need a risk assessment performed on your workplace. Advanced CT has been providing comprehensive and efficient health and safety solutions for workplaces for over 20 years. Our consultation and safety training methods are relevant to a wide array of industries. Our team of highly qualified and experienced professionals is here to help you meet all the health and safety requirements and create a minimal-risk environment.

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