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Make sure your workplace and employees are safe and follow the leading safety protocols! Advanced Consulting and Training provides thorough workplace safety inspections to ensure that you, your company, and employees are working safety and following industry safety best practices. Our workplace safety inspectors are specialized across a wide range of work environments including construction, manufacturing, office, and more. With a thorough knowledge of Ontario Safety Standards, we have what it takes to ensure your workplace is as safe as possible.

Whether or not legally required, a workplace inspection can:

  • Ensure Compliance With Safety Standards & Regulations
  • Identify Potential Problems & Safety Risks
  • Identify Issues With machinery or Equipment
  • Show Management's Commitment to the Health and Safety Program

If your company is in need of a workplace safety inspection contact us today!.

A supervisor takes notes of safety measures on a consturction site
A manager speaks to members of the health and safety committee in a warehouse


A safe workplace is a productive workplace. Workplaces injuries and illnesses are costly to the employers and lead to lost productivity. The responsibility to keep your workplace safe and secure is shared with all managers, employees, and the health and safety committee. And despite all your best efforts, sometimes internal health and safety procedures can fall a bit short of the standards set out by the Occupational Health and Safety Act. To be certain that proper safety protocols and regulations are being followed, an outside safety expert is often required. Our safety inspectors will ensure that Ontario safety standards are met or exceeded at your workplace, keeping you compliant and safe.

Advanced Consulting and Training's Workplace Safety inspectors perform GAP Analysis to assess your health and safety management system. The GAP analysis compares desired outcomes to the situation on the ground, pinpointing any health and safety shortfalls.

Should our workplace safety inspectors identify deficiencies in your workplace safety procedures, we will help you understand the problem and take action to rectify it. The health and safety of your workers is as important to us as it is to you, so we will make sure that they are protected. Ensure your construction site, warehouse, factory, office, or other place of work meets stringent Ontario Safety Standards and schedule your Workplace Safety Inspection Today!


Frequently Asked Questions

The best way to improve your safety procedures on a construction site is to have clear, easy to understand procedures & ensure all workers are trained and aware of the importance of following the safety guide. ACT helps to provide these plans so it is straightforward & easy to follow.
A safety audit is done at work sites to determine the efficiency, reliability & effectiveness of the health and safety procedures. These are done to ensure that the company’s day to day activities comply with safety regulations.
The individual that is conducting the safety audit should be a trained professional, so nothing is missed. ACT knows what to look for and can provide up to date knowledge and expertise when conducting an audit

1) Health & Safety Policy statement of intent – this defines how your company intends to manage the health and safety risks as well as meet the requirements issued by the government.

2) Performance targets – This part of the policy is for your organization to commit to continually improving & following the guidelines laid out in the policy. These are the goals your organization aims to meet to show continued growth.

3) Who is responsible? – Each organization should have a designated member of the team who takes ownership of ensuring the safety policy is followed, and kept up to date.

Policies & procedures differ from one workplace to another. A professional safety audit will identify the risks & outline what policies and procedures are required to tackle each risk that is identified.
Step 1: Identify the hazards Step 2: Decide who might be harmed and how Step 3: Evaluate the risks and decide on control measures Step 4: Record your findings Step 5: Review your assessment and update as and when necessary
A gap analysis is designed to promote safety and eliminate incidents in your business, leading to improved productivity and profitability.

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Advanced Consulting and Training Ltd. will work hand-in-hand with your company to ensure all safety procedures and documents are in compliance with all levels of safety governance.
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Advanced Consulting and Training LTD. in addition to offering MOL, TSSA, AND WSIB approved programs, we deliver both public training sessions and customized onsite work shops.
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Through our competent and certified trainers, Advanced Consulting and Training LTD. offers MOL, TSSA, and WSIB approved programs.

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