How to Conduct a Review for Working at Heights

employee working at heights


After your employees have successfully completed working at heights training, periodic reviews are necessary.

It is important for businesses where workers carry out duties at heights to conduct these reviews.

Mitigating risks associated with working at heights becomes more effective with frequent reviews. If you do not have a clear-cut plan to review working at heights at your site, expert help is available.

What Should a Working at Heights Review Cover?

employee working at heights

Fall protection is the major concern for employers with workers operating at high levels above ground.

Several risks are attached to the risky job of working at heights.

Reviews targeting safety for employees working at heights should cover the following information.

Assessment of fall protection equipment

The initial part of any safety review for working at heights has to cover inspection of fall protection equipment.

Safety inspectors must extensively assess the durability of harnesses, lifts, and other systems workers use at heights.

Inspecting safety gear available for staff working above ground reduces the chances of injury from faulty or worn-out equipment. If any safety gear is faulty, recommendations for immediate replacements become necessary from the safety inspector.

Hazard/risk assessment

man working at heightsHazards can exist in any workplace, but the risks attached to hazards drastically increase for people working at heights.

It is imperative for employers to saddle a professional safety inspection team to conduct a hazard assessment of above-ground stations.

For example, there is a greater chance of slips during winter based on frost enhancing slip potential from metal stairs.

Also, it is a must for employers to assess if any major risks are attached to working at heights. Assessing risks make it easier for businesses to avert any injuries or fatalities from employees working above ground.

The assessment alone, however, is not enough.

Interactive session with employees on fall protection protocols

A working at heights review would be incomplete without involving employees operating in stations above ground.

With an interactive session, workers can get an informal refresher on best practices when working at heights.

Given such information, it becomes easier for employers to help ensure that their staff follow best practices when working above ground.

Documentation of findings and recommendations

person working at heightsAfter conducting the working at heights review, compiling information is the penultimate step.

Safety inspectors should draw up a comprehensive report on findings made across stations in which working at heights is unavoidable.

It is important to make recommendations on how workplace safety needs to be improved upon conclusion of the review. Making recommendations will give employers a clear path to update their working at heights system for enhanced worker safety.

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