Getting to Know the 3 E’s of Workplace Safety

Workplaces, whether big or small, can be intimidating places if the safety standards are not up to code. Identifying safety hazards, determining a solution for them, and acting upon them may seem like a difficult task for those unfamiliar with workplace health and safety training.

Thankfully, we’ve broken down workplace safety into three distinct areas to help you maximize the safety of your workplace as fast as possible. Workplace safety evaluation, education, and enforcement are known as the “Three E’s” of workplace safety and will help you familiarize yourself with safety protocols from start to finish.

Workplace Safety Evaluation

Evaluation is the first step toward a safer workplace. Note that safety evaluation is not a one-time process, but a continuous process that should be actively monitored.

The first natural step is to evaluate the workplace’s equipment. Keep an eye out for problems with wires, machinery, emergency exits, and safety equipment. Make note of any faults and report them to the relevant authority. 

It’s also important to evaluate the employees and employers from top to bottom. Make sure everybody from entry-level employees to upper management is aware of the potential risks in the workplace and actively involved in workplace safety awareness.

Safety Education in the Workplace

Workplace risks and safety training are constantly evolving in the same way that workplaces themselves are. There is likely a systematic problem if you notice that your workplace is conducting the same safety training year after year without change. It becomes a chore rather than a useful tool that prevents injury.

We recommend that you improve your workplace’s safety education with the help of credible health and safety experts. Reputable workplace safety training services, such as Advanced CT, offer highly detailed training programs that can help your workplace prevent injuries. Hiring a service to train your team is the most efficient way to bring your workplace’s safety education into the modern day.

Safety Enforcement at Work

The “enforcement” part of “safety enforcement” might come across as firm or hostile as people may associate write-ups and punishment. In reality, however, it is anything but that. A better term for workplace enforcement may be workplace accountability.

Enforcing safety practices comes in many different forms which include:

  • Actively engaging in practices learned from safety education. 
  • Politely reminding co-workers to abide by safety regulations if needed.
  • Be thorough with safety inspections and general safety practices. No shortcuts. 

Ottawa’s Credible Workplace Safety Instructors

Contact Advanced CT to begin training your workplace with the most modern and effective health and safety solutions. We offer both in-person and online training courses to ensure that all employees are informed of the risks involved with workplace life. 

We have over 20 years of experience in training Ottawa’s workplaces. We’re confident that our unmatched level of workplace safety expertise will increase your protection and prevent accidents before they happen. Don’t wait – save a life today!

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