Ensuring Your Workplace Team Is Physically & Mentally Healthy

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Keeping your staff in top mental and physical shape has several inherent benefits for your business.

But with recent changes to our regular workplace operations due to COVID-19, many employees are getting stressed.

Read through this piece for essential information on how best to balance your staff’s mental and physical health.

Factors Likely to Affect Employee Physical and Mental Health

High-pressure job, poor control design

When workers have to perform duties for several hours without breaks, it could be draining, mentally and physically.

But when it comes to a high-pressure job, like working at heights, undivided attention and effective safety practices are indispensable.

Entry-level employees usually bear the brunt of a poor job control design, since they do more hands-on work.

Longer work hours

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Aside from having lesser control over their workdays, some employees need to be active for more hours.

Some tasking operations could require employees being at their posts for over 10hrs each day.

In such conditions, employees are more likely to suffer mental and physical stress. And when nothing is done about the employee’s mental and physical health, burnout is more common.

Adverse health issues like diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular problems and more could result from overwork.

Most times, employers keen on getting more from their workforce are guilty in this regard. Keeping your staff for longer than they’re supposed to be in your workplace is counterproductive in the long run.

It’s better to have a flexible, functional staff line than a band of fatigued, mentally-drained employees.

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Poor work-life balance

When it comes to balancing life and work, most employees, particularly moms and breadwinners, fall terribly short.

And in challenging times, like the COVID-19 pandemic, employees spend more time with family.

The result of this lengthy home stay could have significant mental and physical implications.

What Employers Can Do to Promote Better Mental and Physical Health among Employees

Even with the numerous problems employees face, there’s still a chance of higher output in challenging conditions.

But for these challenges to be surmounted with ease, employers need to:

  • Create mandates and policies designed to monitor and promote the mental health of staff
  • Provision of self-help programs and tools targeted at improving worker physical and mental health
  • hard hat at construction siteInvestment in mental and physical health initiatives for employees
  • Human resources training focused on easy identification of physical and mental health problems, and
  • Formulating policies designed to help employees attain better physical and mental wellbeing

As expected, maintaining worker mental and physical welfare is a perennially-dynamic endeavour.

That’s why it’s essential to get the best hands to run your worker mental and physical health welfare program.

ACT – Ontario Workplace Safety Training & Solutions

At Advanced Consulting and Training Ltd, we offer professional health and safety solutions for you and your staff.

If you’re finding it difficult to boost the mental and physical health of your employees, contact us today.

With our expert team and extensive health and safety experience, your team can realize benefits that will pay off down the road in productivity, morale and much more.

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