Common Workplace Safety Myths & Facts

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There are many workplace safety resources that exist, but, workers in some organizations choose to ignore them.

Safety myths are usually the most common reason why employees overlook workplace safety tips. Several safety facts exist to counter and debunk these myths.

Common Safety Myths in Work Environments

The most popular myths about safety in the workplace are:

  • Investment in safety returns is expensive and returns zero ROI
  • Workplace accidents can’t be avoided
  • Minor, non-fatal incidents do not have to be recorded
  • A dedicated health and safety system isn’t necessary
  • Safety isn’t fun

These myths have contributed to the occurrence of avoidable injuries. The following workplace safety facts outline how these myths cause workplace accidents and lead to unnecessary losses.

Proven Workplace Safety Facts

Some proven workplace safety facts include: a construction worker on the phone reporting an injury of another employee

Safety Programs are Cost-effective & Help Businesses Save Money

Effective safety programs rank high among the cost-effective expenditures of most businesses. Businesses that invest properly in safety programs usually don’t have to spend unnecessary funding on employees’ recovery from workplace accidents.

Workplace Accidents Can Be Avoided

Following defined safety protocols is a proven method that workers can rely on to avoid workplace accidents. Negligence is a major reason why some avoidable workplace accidents take place.

All Forms of Workplace Accidents Must Be Recorded

Proper incidence reports are crucial for all businesses, regardless of the accident’s nature or severity of injuries. Keeping records of all workplace accidents make it easy to track safety metrics towards ensuring future improvements.

A Dedicated H&S System is Vital for Total Workplace Safety

Workplaces with a dedicated health and safety system have a significantly higher chance of reacting to emergencies. Workers assigned certain roles in the safety architecture of any business make assurance of standard workplace protections easy.

Safety Assurance is Fun

How companies approach safety determines whether workers will find it appealing or not. Encouraging teamwork and driving an inclusive framework for hazard monitoring could make safety an enjoyable experience.

Business owners need to adopt the right methods towards ensuring workers understand essential safety protocols. However, workers will be more inclined to contribute to workplace safety activity when it’s not repetitive and boring.three warehouse employees on the safety committee giving each other a high-five.

Who Should You Trust to Offer Nothing But Top-Notch Safety Consulting in Ontario?

Workers mostly operate in environments where proven safety facts and myths are almost impossible to distinguish.

Designing a safety program isn’t too difficult. However, if employees can’t grasp what safety truly means, businesses could suffer and incur pretty heavy losses.

Working with Advanced Consulting & Training will help you educate workers on practical procedures to avoid mishaps. We offer a number of specialty safety programs to help you and your team improve your safety practices at work.

Contact us today and get guaranteed support from top experts in the safety consultancy sphere towards protecting your workforce.

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