Fire Response & Fire Prevention Strategies for 2021

manager checks fire extinguishers in workplace

2020 is gradually fizzling out to usher in the New Year. Employers looking to revamp their fortunes after several months of lockdown, professional strategies are essential.

Fire response and fire prevention strategies should rank high among your plans for the coming year.

Over time, businesses in Ontario have lost millions of dollars in assets to avoidable fire accidents – and, even worse, have seen people injured and even perish as a result of fire.

While it’s virtually impossible to eliminate all risk of fire, we should all be constantly striving to minimize fire risk and prevent fires from occurring.

The only way to minimize fire accident risks is through a detailed, periodic review of your existing fire systems and expertise.

Professional help and expert info is integral to getting your fire strategies right. And with the information below, achieving a stronger fire safety regime could be easier for your firm.

Fire Prevention Strategies

smoke alarm in workplacePrevention and preparedness are integral to the success of any risk management process. By stifling fire risks in advance, organizations can conveniently keep their workers and equipment safe.

Several strategies can aide in fire prevention in your workspace. Look at some of the methods your firm can leverage to keep fire incidents at bay:

Employee training and awareness

Training your employees on how to respond to fire and combat fire (if necessary) is key to the overall prevention process.

Ensure your workers get regular, relevant fire safety training, as it is essential to lower the risk of fires.

Hazard identification and consideration

supervisor inventories fire extinguishers in workplaceEmployees who work around fires need proper fire safety training, and their workstations need thorough, regular assessments.

Consider inspecting equipment capable of causing fires around your workplace, and take the necessary steps to reduce risk of fire associated with said equipment.

Then make adequate preparations towards extinguishing flames if any suddenly occurs.

Safety management teams

Consider setting up a team saddled with ensuring all laid-down fire safety regulations remain in force.

Constant reminders to your employees makes adherence to existing and newer fire safety protocols easier to manage.

Fire Response Management

Even with all the detailed prevention plans in place, a fire could still occur in your firm. With this in mind, it is essential to leverage the fire response techniques below:

Crowd control and other fire response plans

Efficiently controlling crowds when a fire breaks out is easier with an expertly designed fire evacuation plan.

fire extinguishers in workplace

Also consider the following fire safety methods and processes:

  • Undertaking regular fire drills for your employees, and enlighten them on how to handle customers
  • Draft fire evacuation plans for staff that may need special assistance and designate safe muster points in your facility
  • Regular fire exit inspection and maintenance
  • Set up periodic fire hazard identification sessions for your employees on best practices if an incident occurs
  • Regular updates of fire detection and suppression systems

When it comes to fire and workplace safety, it’s far better to over-prepare and be in a position of an abundance of caution.

ACT – Professional Fire Safety Training in Ontario

At Advanced Consulting and Training Ltd., we strive to deliver unrivalled fire training and consulting services to our clientele.

With a wealth of experience and an ever-growing clientele list, we are your leading safety consultancy firm in Ontario.

Contact us today for details on how best to leverage information and practice to achieve better fire safety protection.

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