Fire Safety Awareness – Full Participation Required!

staff cover mouths while escaping fire

Fire poses a tremendous safety risk for any business, workplace or organization – one of the biggest safety issues we see, in fact, yet one that is sometimes overlooked or underestimated.

An important aspect of any prevention process requires the full awareness of the risks and impacts. Fire safety awareness is the important starting point in an integrated fire safety plan for every business.

Awareness Is the Foundation for Fire Safety

Every employee shares the responsibility for fire prevention in the building or work site. It essential that senior management take the lead and create a shared awareness and knowledge in regards to fire prevention and fire protection.

Experienced business leaders understand the importance of safety and health procedures to protect their valued employees and business assets and it is important revisit the communication around fire safety on a regular basis.

fire extinguisherPlanning for Fire Safety

Fire prevention planning and related training directly influences the outcome of a fire emergency. This is a well-known concept advanced by federal and provincial regulations. Laws and regulations provide guidance to business in developing safety plans to include fire safety.

The overall safety plan for the business should include an important section on fire safety awareness and a detailed fire safety plan. A key element of the fire safety plan is employee training. Regardless of the employee head count at a business facility, every employee needs to be made aware of his or her safety responsibilities; this is ideally done through regular training.

Fire Safety Communication

fire exit signFire safety awareness is an educational process to remind everyone in the workplace of best practices to avoid creating a fire risk, and the measures to take in the event a fire happens in the workplace. A plan educates and reminds everyone of the specific prevention methods and the safety procedures that are applicable to the organization.

Every workplace needs a defined training process to communicate the responsibilities and essential fire safety procedures to all employees. The best communication approach starts with training in the fire alarm systems, the evacuation routes to safely exit the building, and the process to accounting for all personnel.

Fire Awareness Leadership

employee puts out a fireSenior management needs to own every important program to protect employees and company assets. Safety awareness efforts, procedures and training need to be tailored to the size and risk factors of the facilities involved, but fire safety planning is a must at every workplace, regardless of staff size.

Leadership means effective communication of the importance of safety procedures, sufficient funding in the annual budget for training events, and a communication process that promotes fire safety awareness.  Leaders should review the training to make sure it is relevant, that the training scenarios include real on-site experiences, and uses industry safety benchmarks to help develop a fire safety culture for the organization.

How Advanced Consulting & Training Can Help with Fire Prevention & Safety Awareness

Advanced Consulting & Training are Ontario’s experts in helping workplaces and organizations become better prepared and more aware about safety.

We can help your organization with site assessments as well as courses.

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