Safety Policy & Procedure Development

Safety Policy & Procedure Development




Have you written or updated your organization’s safety policy procedures? It might not seem like the most urgent work that you need to do, especially when there are other pressing matters taking priority, other fires that need to be put out first (hopefully in the figurative sense, not literally). Even if you’ve got a morsel of time to sit down and hash it out, this isn’t exactly a riveting subject matter, is it? Maybe you’re not sure where to start or what to include.

At Advanced Consulting & Training, we’ve built decades of experience with policies and procedures, based on the most rigorous safety standards and ongoing learning in the field. We’ve worked with organizations small and large across Ontario, helping not only in safety training but performing safety audits and delivering safety consulting services for a variety of needs. We’re well versed when it comes to safety policy and procedures, and know what takes to develop and write an effective policy that incorporates due diligence and holds up well over time.


Many clients have chosen to hire our consulting services, getting an experienced guide and a second set of eyes before writing, updating or overhauling their safety policies & procedures. What makes ACT different? We bring more than two decades’ knowledge of safety issues, enabling us to perform due diligence and assess risk in a highly accurate and informed manner.

  • TSSA accredited
  • WSIB approved safety provider
  • Wealth of experience delivering health & safety solutions for the workplace

When tasked with writing a safety policy, we tailor it to the specific circumstances and challenges faced by your organization. We don’t come in with a predetermined set of policies and recommendations. We’ll spend the necessary time, make the needed inspections and ask the right questions before coming up with a customized safety policy document for you.



Safety procedures in the workplace are typically methods and guidelines to perform a task with minimal risk to employees, equipment & materials. Safety procedures are specific to each work site & are proven, time-tested steps that the employee must follow from beginning to end.
  • Health & Safety Policy statement of intent – this defines how your company intends to manage the health and safety risks and meet the requirements issues by the government.
  • Performance targets – This part of the policy is for your organization to commit to continually improving & following the guidelines laid out in the policy. These are the goals your organization aims to meet to show continued growth.
  • Who is responsible? – Each organization should have a designated member of the team who takes ownership of ensuring the safety policy is followed, and kept up to date.
Yes, your health and safety policy should be signed within the last 12 months. Reviewing your policy annually will ensure you are complying to the health and safety requirements of your organization.
Safety Policies & Procedures differ from one workplace to another. A professional safety audit will identify the risks & outline what policies and procedures are required to tackle each risk that is identified.

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