5 Essential Tips for Having Proper Fire-Prevention Equipment

employee checking fire extinguishers

The risk of fire is just one of the many concerns you have for both your business and your home. If a fire does start, it is critical to have the proper fire-prevention equipment ready. The right equipment can provide an early warning alert, and prevent the spread of fire. Failing to have functioning and easy to access fire-prevention equipment in the workplace can lead to devastating consequences for a business, including massive property damage, equipment & material damages, and even employee injury or death in some cases. These are essentials in preventing harm to anyone and minimizing property damage in the event of a fire.

An Essential Part of Your Fire-Prevention Plan

The prevention and/or reduction in the impact of fire begins by having the right equipment ready in working condition at all times.

This requires careful evaluation in the initial selection of prevention equipment, and ensuring that the equipment is inspected, maintained and working properly on a regular basis.

Your comprehensive fire prevention plan should include alarm and fire extinguishing systems that are well suited to the building layout. Large buildings may also require the installation of specialized fire doors. The specific types of alarms and equipment used to detect and prevent the spread of a fire will depend on the type of facility and a fire risk assessment.

Select the Right Equipment

smoke detector warning presence of smokeFor your home this can mean a few quality smoke-alarms and a hand-held extinguisher. For an office building, the prevention equipment should be more involved than what is used in a home setting. It will ultimately depend on the size and layout of the building.

The equipment selection process should focus on the manufacturer’s history and warranty provisions. What documented fire prevention research and testing is available? Does the equipment meet all required prevention standards? How has their equipment performed in fire situations in the past?

Take the time to read the product warranty. Fire-prevention equipment should have at least a five-year product warranty, and that includes alarms and fire extinguishers. A warranty of five years or more means the company stands by the quality of their fire prevention and detection products.

Proper fire-prevention equipment means high-quality, dependable equipment that is easy to use and ready for fast deployment in the event of an emergency.

Proper Maintenance

fire safety training with extinguishersOnce you have selected a high-quality fire-prevention product, an effective maintenance plan must be included as part of the overall integrated fire prevention plan.

Quality prevention products require proper maintenance to ensure readiness and reduce the chance of failure when it is needed most. Ideally, a fire will never break out. In many cases years can go by from date of purchase to a before a fire event. Leaving fire prevention equipment to sit without testing it regularly increases the chances of the device failing when it comes time to use it on a fire.

If a fire starts the equipment must operate as designed. If you have a large commercial property, maintenance means looking at the entire system on a regular basis and may often include refresher training for staff. For your home situation, batteries in alarms must always stay operational.

Extinguishers should always be kept secured, but staff needs to know exactly where they are located and how to access them quickly. Sometimes, there can be maintenance issues with the seals as a result of pressure build up over time. Regardless of whether you are dealing with home or business fire prevention equipment, make sure it is inspected and maintained on a regular basis.

Integrated Fire Prevention Plan

The proper fire-prevention equipment starts with the selection of quality products that are well maintained over and ready when needed. The effective use of fire prevention equipment is an essential component in an overall integrated fire prevention plan, that should include the emergency contact information, fire escape route communication and any necessary equipment training.

Talk to us today about how we can put together an effective fire prevention plan for your organization. Advanced Consulting & Training also has fire safety classes available, both at our facilities or at your location.

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