4 Tips for Improving Worksite Safety

Worksites stand out as a unique work environment when compared to the average workplace. This is because worksites, by the nature of their heavy equipment and machinery, are inherently riskier. However, with proper worksite safety training, you can mitigate these risks and remove any danger that might compromise onsite safety.

We’ll be covering 4 of the most important worksite safety tips. Our hope is that these tips will equip you and your worksite with everything you need to know to ensure onsite safety and prevent injuries.

Provide Quality Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Make sure all employees are equipped with PPE that meets the standards of the worksite. Heavily active environments such as construction sites will always require workers to wear safety glasses, hi-vis vests, hard hats, and steel-toed boots at the minimum. Employees may need other specialized equipment depending on their role.

Employees must not step foot onsite until they are wearing all necessary PPE as doing so will put them at extreme risk of injury. Note that providing inadequate PPE is just as dangerous. Employees place their trust in PPE and if it fails they can be seriously harmed.

Label Everything and Hang Signs

Labeling everything is a cheap and quick way to prevent the misuse of equipment and machinery. They’re incredibly efficient at communicating information in an instant, and thus, a valuable resource for any worksite.

Even the most seasoned employees forget things sometimes. Ask your coworkers if they can help label important equipment and machinery in your workplace. It will make the process faster and put you one step ahead of workplace safety incidents.

Inspect the Worksite

It is critical that an employee or manager who is familiar with worksite safety regularly inspects the worksite’s equipment and machinery for inconsistencies, errors, and hazards. Inspecting workplace safety will ensure that no equipment or machinery is left to decay to the point that it becomes a hazard.

Worksite inspections are a simple process that goes a long way toward preventing minor accidents, injuries, and fatalities. If you aren’t already familiar with worksite inspections, take an online safety training course to get the education you need to identify hazards and inspect your worksite properly.

manager and safety auditor reviewing a safety inspection checklist

Hire Expert Safety Consultants

Hiring an expert safety consultant is the absolute best way to ensure worksite safety. Worksite safety experts have already researched safety best practices and have created comprehensive safety courses to effectively train employees on an efficient schedule.

No safety topic is too small to ignore. Safety experts, such as Advanced CT, understand this better than anyone else and have the expertise to ensure that every safety topic is covered. This makes sure that employees are familiar with everything they need to know to work safely.

Advanced CT – Ottawa’s Safety Experts

Are you interested in learning more about worksite safety? Advanced CT has over 20 years of experience with training Ottawa’s worksites. We have in-person and online safety training courses to ensure that every employee onsite is properly trained in important life-saving practices.

Contact us today to get started on improving your worksite safety now!

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