How Does a Good Safety Record Help Your Business?

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Your business needs a safe and healthy workplace so that employees can not only survive but thrive and work to their full potential.

A good safety record demonstrates the success of the entire team (management and staff) in maintaining a safe work environment. A safe place to work is a big factor in creating a great place to work. A workplace where employees know their safety and well-being are important is a more productive work place.

Good safety records also document an organization’s adherence to procedures, which in turn shows management and employees are in sync on an important issue. A business that is safe and efficiently adheres to procedures is a well-run, and often very profitable business.

Workplace Safety and Business Health

staff meeting contended employeesBusiness safety risks can vary widely, but whether you have employees in an office building or on-site location, safety procedures must be in place. A significant accident leading to employee injury represents a real problem; not only for the injured employee, but the business financial health as well. Business shutdowns (even for a day), negative perceptions of management and decreases in morale can all drive costs, including lost sales and the potential for employee turnover.

Employees rightfully expect to have a safe place to work. It is management’s responsibility to put procedures in place. But it’s also up to employees to do their part in the day to day implementation of the safety program. Management needs to lead the way on safety issues, as with any important business goal. A good safety culture is one in which both management and staff buy in and participate as partners.

A Healthy Reputation is Good for Business

Your company’s safety record is another measure of management success.

Potential employees and investors look at your business safety record as indication of management’s ability to implement policy and procedures to maintain a safe workplace. Inability to manage this basic need for employee safety would certainly lead to concerns in the ability to implement other important goals. A good safety record demonstrates concern for employees and sometimes the safety of the local community.

Again, depending on the specific safety and health risks, a poor record could mean reputation problem that takes a very long time to repair.

Heath and Safety Procedures and Efficiency

workers in PPE at job siteYour company’s good safety record demonstrates an ability to define procedures and successfully implement an important program.

This measure of success indicates an ability to consistently meet defined objectives. A record of success in the area of health and safety means:

  • less downtime
  • less employee turnover
  • improved morale
  • better business output

Your business safety record can be a strong indicator of management’s ability to mitigate risks, consistently apply procedures, and deal with workplace issues within an efficient process framework. These are all the same efficiency results you demand in all aspects of your business.

Be Proactive with Safety – Hire the Safety Experts for Training & Consulting

Your business cannot afford a tarnished safety record. It is not only of critical importance to your employees, but is also a clear measure of efficiency and management ability. A good safety record demonstrates the success of the entire team from top to bottom and is an important indicator of future business results.

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