Have You Reviewed Your Workplace Safety Procedures & Prevention Recently?

workplace safety review being conducted

Workplace safety assessment is an integral aspect of employee safety, health and welfare.

With thousands of work-related accidents occurring each year, regular review of workplace safety protocols is indispensable.

The following is a list of essential items for workplace safety reviews, as well as others that you should cover.

What Are the MUSTS in a Workplace Safety Review?

Let’s start with the essentials of a workplace safety review. These are the areas of safety prevention and safety procedure that should be looked at first.

Risk assessment

The first things to consider during workplace safety procedure reviews are pressure points in your current system.

Lapses likely to result in workplace accidents need to get full attention.

In volatile work environments, particularly where hazardous/harmful objects are in use, this becomes even more essential.

Emergency response systems

workplace safety review being conductedEnsure you maintain proper checks on the fitted emergency response systems of your company, organization, job site or workplace.

It is essential to maintain regular checks on how well your existing systems will respond in an emergency.

Also, companies need to look at and implement periodic upgrades of existing systems.

There are several advancements when it comes to safety technology geared towards keeping workplaces safe. Tap into this trend and ensure your company and employees get maximum protection.

Equipment inspection

Periodically inspecting the equipment used by workers is another factor companies must consider in a workplace safety review.

Firms need to review worker safety at all times, and proper equipment maintenance significantly enhances productivity.

What Should Get Covered in a Safety Procedure Review?

Continuing with your workplace safety review, these are the areas of safety prevention and safety procedure that should be covered next.

Level of understanding safety assessment

Workplace safety assessment is essential, particularly on the employees’ part.

Consider periodic reviews of your employees’ grasp of safety training. Conduct safety training on an ongoing basis, both as needed and regularly scheudled.

The best way to ensure your employees get complete knowledge of all guidelines is through safety training and re-training.

PPE Awareness

workplace safety review being conductedThe essence of personal protective equipment should never get understated.

Consider getting your employees periodicals on the massive essence of PPE in worker safety.

Such reviews ensure your employees imbibe best safety practices during work hours.

What Else Can We Tackle in a Safety Review?

While the essentials and basic elements of the safety procedure and prevention review are covered, there are some other areas worth taking a look at.

Frequency of workplace safety meetings

Regular workplace safety meetings are integral to maxing out accident prevention.

Companies need to consider enlisting professional services to aid better understanding of safety procedures.

In such safety meetings, it becomes easier for employees to garner a greater understanding of safety protocols.

And when employees know and adopt your company’s safety procedures, risk is mitigated and successful accident prevention becomes more likely.

Extra safety procedures

workplace safety review being conductedOther procedures sure to aid safety procedures reviews include:

  • Special training sessions involving safety experts
  • Employing standard procedures as recognized by your industry
  • Disciplinary procedures for employee non-compliance and reward programs for exemplary employee performance

This safety training and prevention trio is a proven method of reducing risk and strengthening workplace safety.

Relevant information

Your workplace safety reviews should focus on how well workers get furnished with safety prevention awareness and information when at risk.

Many firms, particularly industrial/construction companies need this the most.

Consider checking out your existing system and its capacity to provide workers the right information geared towards enhanced workplace safety.

How ACT Can Help in Reviewing Your Workplace Safety Procedures

With these all tackled, you’ll be in good shape for safety prevention having completed a safety review on a regular basis.

Now the question: Should you go it alone on your workplace safety reviews? Or are you better off consulting a professional workplace safety team for your safety reviews to ensure maximum safety preparedness, prevention and compliance?

Hundreds of firms across Ontario rely on Advanced Consulting Training for workplace safety consulting and training. ACT offers the right blend of experience and expertise so that you can get the most out of your workplace safety review.

With our expert safety team on the job, enhanced workplace safety is easier to achieve. Contact us today for access to improved employee and operational safety.

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