What is Safety Consulting?

safety consultant working with a project manager to develop a safety plan

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the meaning of workplace safety in many ways.

From creating contingency plans in case of an outbreak to ensuring the mental and physical well-being of employees, there are endless health and safety regulations every business is required to abide by.

Adding checking all safety protocols to your already never-ending list of responsibilities can seem overwhelming, though luckily, there’s someone who can get the job done for you.

No matter if you own a retail business or a factory, a safety consultant can provide safety expertise and make sure your company meets all the health regulations imposed by the government.

Implementing safety standards and exercises shows that your company is serious about social responsibility and makes sure your employees are working in a safe environment.

What Does A Safety Consultant Do?

Safety consultants are professionals who assess your workplace and highlight any hazard concerns.

They can also make recommendations on how to improve your safety protocols and inform you when you don’t meet the federal safety standards. Typical responsibilities of safety consultants also include:

  • Performing safety audits
  • Documenting hazards
  • Providing health and safety training for employees
  • Performing risk assessments
  • Conducting a safety gap analysis
  • Building safety and compliance manuals and procedures

The type of assessment and training will differ depending on the type of business you run. For example, office workers may be instructed on how to keep their work area tidy to avoid tripping hazards, whereas construction workers will be taught how to store tools and equipment properly.

Benefits of Hiring a Safety Consultant For Your Workplace

While having a full-time safety manager may not be feasible, hiring a health and safety consultant can provide businesses with some much-needed advice and guidance on safety practices.

Most business owners have their hands full with day-to-day responsibilities, meaning they won’t have time to fully familiarize themselves with the full list of safety protocols. Safety consultants, on the other hand, know all the regulations like the back of their hands and can spot a breach easily.

Having an outside perspective will provide an unbiased view of your safety culture and can help identify potential dangers that you or your employees may have looked over.

Safety consultants can also save you money in the long run by helping you catch and fix critical safety gaps before they develop into severe problems. After all, it’s more costly to fix something after it’s been damaged than to take a preventive approach.

Your Safety Is Our Top Priority

Safety in the workplace plays a major role in ensuring the success of the business. By showing that your company cares about the well-being of its employees, you improve company culture and employee productivity.

From policy and procedure development to safety audits and risk assessments, our team works hard to ensure your workplace remains safe and hazard-free. At Advanced Consulting & Training, we’ve accumulated decades of experience in providing workplace health and safety solutions that are comprehensive and cost-effective.

Interested in one or more of our safety consulting programs? Reach out to our team to learn more about our services and get started on making your workplace a safer place for everyone.

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