Tips for Building Trust in the Workplace

a group of workers that trust each other standing hand in hand

It is extremely important that employees in any workplace setting have mutual trust and respect between them. Trust is key to ensuring safe operations. Without trust, employees are at risk of injuring themselves and others.

Building trust in the workplace is one of the most overlooked aspects of the workplace. Taking the time to build trust in the workplace will result in a safer workplace for all.

Building Trust In The Workplace

At Advanced Consulting & Training, we have provided the proper training required to promote a safe and trusting workplace environment for businesses across Ottawa.

Here are our tips for building trust in the workplace:

Invest In Employee Developmenta team of warehouse workers holding their safety hats above their head

Studies have shown that taking the time to invest in your employees’ development in the company contributes to building trust. Proper training means that employees can trust that the people they are working with know what they’re doing.

Taking the time to show your employees they are valued and are an important part of your company’s future will make a huge difference in building a trusting work environment for all. Learning new skills at work is a worthwhile investment long-term.

Maintain a Line Of Communication

As an employer, ensure your employees feel they can come to you with any issues or concerns. This will help build trust with your employees if they feel heard when voicing any opinions they may have about how to improve the culture in the workplace.

Employing active listening will be a major contributor to improved trust amongst all employees in the workplace. Everybody has to do their part to improve trust in the workplace, but ultimately it does start with management.

Transparency Is Key

As an employer, it is important you are keeping your employees informed about the inner workings of the business, and what the next steps for the company are. This will help employees visualize a future with the company, and will help build trust in the company’s vision.

Working for a company that keeps you well informed on the upcoming changes and improvements to the company’s overall structure has been proven to drastically improve trust in the workplace. Everybody working towards a clearly communicated goal is a quick and simple way of helping to build trust amongst employees.

Focus On Non-Verbal Communicationwarehouse employees giving each other a high five

Taking the time to practise your non-verbal communication skills is something all employees should be mindful of. Over 50% of all communication is non-verbal, so it is a very important thing to work on in order to maintain a happy and trusting workplace environment.

Ensuring you remain professional and composed in the workplace is extremely important. Being a part of a happy and healthy team has been proven to help build trust among employees. If you would like further training on how to improve your non-verbal communication skills, contact us today to book a training session.

Advanced Consulting & Training – We Are Here To Help!

Here at Advanced Consulting & Training, we have had the pleasure of working closely with plenty of businesses in Ottawa and the surrounding area. We have ensured that we are always up to date with the newest training available, this way we can confidently provide the best possible help to our clients.

If you feel like your business could benefit from a comprehensive trust building training program, please contact us today to get started.

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