New Year’s Resolutions for Workplace Safety in 2020

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Are you gearing up for your safest year yet in 2020?

Workplace health & safety planning for the coming New Year should start with a message that emphasizes safe operations as a top business priority.

A workplace safety plan is the important first step to avoid potential harm to employee health, and also to reduce the costs to the business of compensation claims as annual financial planning comes together.

There is no better time to start a “Safety First” plan than leading into the new year!

Look Back on the Year in Review

This past year’s safety results can reveal areas for improvement and help set priorities for the coming year’s goals.

Accident reports – and “near miss” incident reports – are a primary source for targeting improvement areas. These reports would clearly identify any areas for improvement.

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Safety assessments and annual safety audits provide additional details on any safety performance gaps. An effective assessment process includes recording key findings that provide a deeper understanding of workplace hazards.

A gap analysis on annual results drives the resolutions needed for the coming year.

Training records and an evaluation of safety training results are factors to consider in setting goals for the coming year.

  • Where can training improve for the coming year?
  • As financial planning is also underway, is there adequate funding set aside for training?
  • Should there be more targeted training and communication for specific hazards?

Upgrades to enterprise training and safety communication should always be included for the coming year’s plans, along with the important input from line employees.

Safety First – Your Top Priority for 2020

hard hats at construction siteSafety planning should be part of an integrated business operation framework that includes budget targets for training programs and set-aside funding for any specific safety risk concerns.

A safety risk assessment is an essential step in planning next year’s safety plan.

This is important to review every potential hazard category.

Workplace safety resolutions for 2020 start by defining safety goals, then continue with a prioritized plan for safe business operations.

Annual Safety Goals

worker wearing ppr personal protective equipmentThe most important goal for any year would be to conduct business without a single serious injury.

A reduction in minor accidents over last years accident log is also a standard planning objective.

In addition to these accident metrics, an important annual goal is to make progress on the organization’s overall safety culture. It should be a safety goal of every business to have management and staff fully aware of the potential risks and the proper hazard control procedures.

Management takes the lead on all business planning, but with safety planning, input from the staff is very important. Goals should have some “reach,” but always with input from those that live job safety every work day.

Resolutions mean setting goals. Start the new year with a prioritized list of safety goals.

Prioritized goal setting for the new year requires an assessment of all hazard categories and should include a look back to the past year for areas of improvement.

Start Strong, Stay Safe in 2020!

Make 2020 your year of safety!

New Year’s Resolutions for Workplace Safety in 2020 should go beyond merely striving for an injury free year, but apply a continuous improvement approach toward top-down safety awareness.

This will require a complete assessment of last year’s and the teamwork of both management and staff.

For help with achieving those goals, whether it be in the form of safety training courses and/or safety consulting, contact us today.


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