5 Tips to Help With COR Certification

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COR certification, also known as Certificate of Recognition, is a standard document that is given to Canadian employers to encourage them to create and implement a reliable health & safety program.

Certain conditions must be met before your organization can achieve the COR certification. As such, the program only recognizes employers who are making effort when it comes to improving workplace safety.

In order to get the COR certification, the company in question has to implement a good health & safety program that meets or exceeds the legal standards as indicated in the provincial laws.

5 Tips That Can Help You Get COR Certification

Achieving a COR certification may seem a bit challenging, but the tips listed below can give you a rough idea of what you can do to get certified.

Research the Legal Requirements In Your Area

Before you do anything, you should conduct thorough research about the health & safety programs in your province. Through this, you will know all the legal requirements that are put in place.

Develop a Health & Safety Programworkers at a construction site working on the health and safety program

With the research out of the way, you can develop the health & safety program that you intend to use. Ensure that the safety program is tailored for your organization and the employees.

Implement The Program

As stated earlier, implementation is very important since it is what will tell you if the program is effective or not.

There are several ways through which employers can implement health & safety programs. You can conduct regular inspections, assess the risks at the workplace, test the available emergency response plans, etc.

Get Audited

Once the program has been implemented for a while, you can consider inviting a COR certifying agent to conduct an audit.

You should keep in mind that COR audits can last for months because the auditor needs to collect enough data to prove the health & safety program is effective.

Update the Program When Necessary

In case you get the COR certification after the audit, you still need to update your health & safety program to retain the certificate. This also applies when you fail the audit, so ensure that you make the necessary adjustments to increase your chances of passing future audits.

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Benefits of Getting COR Certification

A COR certification can provide an organization with bountiful benefits. And that is exactly employers from both large and small companies want to get the Certificate of Recognition.

Here are some of the benefits of achieving the COR certification:

Financial Savings

Having a Certificate of Recognition can impact your organization positively. A workplace safety program will dramatically reduce worker injuries and other accidents that may be costly.

Increased Productivity

When employees feel safe at the workplace, they are encouraged to work harder, thereby increasing the company’s overall output.

Improved Employee Training

With a reliable health & safety program in place, your employees will have everything that they may need to perform various tasks.

Employee Motivation

A good workplace safety program can motivate potential employees to join your organization. This can help you get people with the skillsets that your company needs.

Advanced Consulting & Training – CORTM Certification Assistancea safety inspector reviewing the workplace to spot any gaps in their program

A COR certification can make your organization stand out from the crowd. Additionally, you will be a step ahead of companies that are not certified. Moreover, having a health & safety program is good for employees as it boosts workplace safety.

At Advanced Consulting & Training, we can help simplify the process and help your company prepare for COR™ certification in the most effective and efficient manner. Our team can help identify gaps, provide you with recommendations, deadlines, checkpoints and other specifics related to COR certification.

Get in touch with our team today regarding our COR Certification Assistance program!

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