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The Certificate of Recognition™ program is aimed at encouraging safe and healthy workplace behavior. It encourages safety and health management systems to reduce accidents, incidents, and injuries reducing human and financial costs to businesses. In addition to making your workplace safer and more efficient, COR™ certification is often a pre-qualifying condition for contract projects in Canada. COR™ certification will bring your company to a new standard of health and safety, leading to safer job sites, fewer accidents, more accurate reporting and trend analysis.

Obtaining a COR™ on your own can be a challenging process, but Advanced Consulting & Training can help simply the process. Our expert safety consultants know the COR™ process inside-out and can help guide your company through the difficult and time-consuming process. We help you understand your current health and safety situation and create a custom roadmap to guide your company towards earning a Certificate of Recognition™.

COR certification assistance
COR Certified workers in the workplace

Because the goal of COR™ certification is to ensure commitment to the highest level of health and safety, obtaining a Certificate of Recognition™ is a challenging and time-consuming process. COR™ certification is done in 4 steps:

  • Step 1. Submit your COR™ application form
  • Step 2. Complete the mandatory training courses.
  • Step 3. Complete and submit a self-audit of your workplace
  • Step 4. Successfully complete a third-party COR™ audit.

Each step of the COR™ certification process listed above presents its own set of unique challenges. Let Advanced Consulting and Training simplify the process and help your company prepare for COR™ certification in the most effective and efficient manner.

From the very beginning of our COR™ Certification Assistance consulting, we will identify the current gaps which might exist in your company through a thorough Gap Analysis. We will help with recommendations for your company to help close the gaps identified in the analysis. We will also provide a timeline for the COR™ program including deadlines, checkpoints, and other important items specific to your company to ensure no important steps or dates are missed. ACT will also help your business prepare for the internal and external audits required by the COR™ program.

COR™ certification is important to help protect your employees health and safety, prevent costly accidents, and make your company eligible for more contracts and projects. Contact Advanced Consulting & Training today for more information about how we can help your company prepare for and achieve its Certificate of Recognition™.

The Benefits of COR Certification

With COR certification, you can help keep your employees healthy and safe while also saving your business time and money. There is a strong case for having an effective and efficient safety management system for all businesses. Some of the benefits that help make this case include:

  • Helps Create a Sustainable Workplace Safety Culture
  • Enhances Your Corporate Image
  • Your Safety Standards Comply with National Standards
  • Provides a Competitive Edge
  • Audit Criteria Used by COR is Recognized Universally
  • Helps Identify, Assess, & Control Risks Better
  • Increases Productivity & Reduces Worker Downtime

Obtaining a COR certification can be a challenging process without the right guidance. Advanced Consulting & Training is here to help you reap the benefits of being COR certified. Whether you want to create a safer and healthier workplace, have a competitive advantage against others in your industry, or you want to save money and increase efficiency of your workplace, Advanced CT is here to help you get COR certified. Contact us today to learn more and to get started!

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