How Gap Analysis Helps Make Your Workplace Safer

a professional safety gap analysis bein conducted on site

Are you keen on maximizing the safety of employees and visitors in your workplace?

Trying to run a gap assessment without professional help could be dangerous and costly. If you want a comprehensive report on your company’s safety apparatus, hire a professional gap analysis company, like Advanced Consulting & Training.

Read the rest of this article to find out how a gap analysis can help you make your workplace safer.

What is Gap Analysis in Workplace Safety? 

Gap analysis has several conceptual definitions in business. But when it comes to safety, gap analysis has a slightly varied definition.  

Gap analysis in safety is a detailed review comparing a company’s actual safety performance to its desired threshold. In other words, a gap analysis measures a company’s current safety level against what is considered acceptable.  

manager and supervisor conducting a workplace gap analysis to make the workplace safer

How Does Gap Analysis Work?

Any gap analysis focused on safety in the workplace functions through these steps: 

  • Search for gaps in a company’s safety program 
  • Assess a company’s strong areas in the safety apparatus 
  • Point out lapses and where opportunities are available to improve workplace safety 
  • Run a viability check into the sustainable nature of a company’s safety program. Conducting this assessment shows whether a company’s current safety program can stand the test of time 
  • Make recommendations on how to immediately improve a company’s safety program if the gap is too wide 

A gap analysis completed by an expert ensures companies have a close look into their safety system. After a gap analysis is complete, a business can use this information to improve its safety apparatus.   

How Can Gap Analysis Make Your Workplace Safer? 

Gap analysis is indispensable when it comes to making a workplace safe for employers, employees, and guests.

Every organization needs a gap analysis to spot and solve issues in their safety system. Here’s a look at how gap analysis can make your workplace much safer: 

supervisor and safety auditor assessing workplace gap analysis

Detect Compatibility of Existing Safety Apparatus & Ensures Compliance

Assessing the current components of your company’s safety apparatus is easier with a detailed gap analysis. Findings from the gap analysis make it easy to meet safety requirements, satisfy laid-down requirements.  

Ensuring your existing safety apparatus works to safeguard your employees makes the workplace much safer.  

Provides Needed Help to Meet Company Objectives & Manage Resources

Whenever a company has stated objectives they need to meet, a gap analysis helps businesses achieve their goals. Apart from being an effective tool to meet company objectives, gap analyses help in resource management. Accidents and injuries to workers are expensive, but with a proactive gap analysis, it becomes easy to save costs.  

Advanced Consulting & Training – Certified Gap Analysis

It is not necessary to run a safety gap analysis periodically. Safety gap analysis works better as a problem-solving tool rather than a company ritual. Here’s a look at when your company needs a safety gap analysis: 

a worker going through the safety checklist

You can run a gap analysis when your workplace consistently falls short of safety performance limits. Gap analysis could also be necessary if there are major changes to provincial or federal CCOHS requirements.  

Work with Advanced Consulting & Training to get a gap analysis assessment for your workplace. With a properly conducted assessment, it becomes easy to maximize workplace safety and sustain productivity.

Contact our team today if you are interested in working with us to make your workplace safer!

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