Workplace Safety: October is Fire Prevention Month

worker puts out fire

Throughout October 2020, workplace safety in Canada gets an enhanced focus: Fire accident prevention.

Companies and organizations will do themselves a service by taking this time to train their workforce on the benefits of fire prevention, awareness of fire safety and how to respond should fire occur in the workplace.

To achieve the best workplace safety results and reduce the instance of fires, Fire Prevention Month means solid effort on the part of companies and job sites across Ontario.

What Is The Focus of Fire Prevention Month 2020?

worker causes sparks to flyIn addition to your routine, ongoing workplace safety program, including training and awareness, Fire Prevention Month gives you an opportunity to refocus your attention on fire safety.

The focal points for workplace safety during this month should include the following.

Proper Prevention

Your facility remains a major investment that requires careful consideration. Fire prevention month is an excellent time to practice and imbibe useful prevention practices.

Consider running through your inventory in this period focusing on limiting fire accident occurrences. The most effective way to undertake thorough facility maintenance is by setting up an emergency response team.

Your chosen team should be responsible for enforcing fire safety and prevention practices from the month and beyond.

Fire Prevention Plans

worker uses fire extinguisherSince this is fire prevention month, companies should consider introducing detailed documentation toward workplace safety. Workers should have ample records outlining several fire hazards. Combustible materials, heat-emitting equipment and more should be in this list.

Also, companies need to consider providing these documents in a format open to periodical reviews. With such reviews come more support for increased safety and minimized workplace risk.

Fire prevention month is a time to advance your workplace’s current fire prevention framework. With a detailed review of fire prevention plans comes lesser chance of workplace fires.

Fire Safety Training

The Chief Prevention Officer, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), NFPA, and other bodies recommend fire safety training for employees.

Your workers should have ample fire extinguisher training.

exit sign in workplace

Also, fire prevention month gives companies a clean bill to update their dated equipment. Your employees and facility will also benefit from furnishing workers with updated rules and regulations regarding fire safety in the workplace.

Fire Exit Systems

With Fire Prevention Month comes a clear opportunity to maintain and update your existing fire exit devices.

Routine maintenance geared towards checking out your fire exit lights and backup power should get checked out.

Through this month, confirm if all your fitted exit systems function as intended to guarantee optimal performance in an emergency.

Regular Fire Evacuation Drills

animated fire alarm ringingFire prevention month is an excellent time to hold fire evacuation drills.

With these drills comes an excellent opportunity to retrain your staff to prepare for an emergency. These drills also provide significant improvements to employees’ fire incident response.

Equipment Checks

Through fire prevention month, companies have an opportunity to maintain all existing fire retarding systems.

Sprinklers, smoke detectors, de-oxygenators, and more should get a proper check-out.

Most workplace that engage preventative maintenance are likelier to experience less injury and/or damage should a fire in the workplace occur.

ACT – Poised to Deliver Expert Fire Safety Advice

Through fire prevention month and beyond, ACT focuses on providing firms expert fire safety training.

We can help your workplace prepare a detailed fire protection system.

Contact us today for professional services geared towards enhancing your company’s workplace safety protocols, especially with regard to fire prevention.


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