Workplace Safety in Ottawa: Safety Training & Consulting

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Ottawa’s workplace safety needs are diverse and ever-changing.

In the nation’s capital, while the federal government is the dominant employer in Ottawa, private sector categories are quite varied. That means Ottawa’s workplace safety training and awareness are not only of paramount importance but require complex, nuanced rollout, delivery and ongoing attention.

In this edition of the Advanced Consulting & Training workplace safety blog, we’ll shine the spotlight on Ottawa’s workplace safety training needs.

Workplace Safety Ottawa: Public & Private Sectors, Offices & More

ottawa condo constructinWorkplace safety in Ottawa isn’t just about the government.

Though, admittedly, the Government of Canada is the major employer in Ottawa and is involved in not only legislating workplace safety across Canada, but carrying out its own workplace safety in Ottawa across dozens of facilities.

In an office setting, workplace safety and safety training are less about the obvious risks of hazardous conditions or materials in the workplace, instead involving day to day workplace safety such as:

  • first aid training
  • office ergonomics
  • lighting
  • air quality
  • noise
  • environmental factors

Office managers and supervisors in both the public and private sectors are responsible for the safety and well-being of their workers.

Workplace safety in Ottawa largely falls under Ontario law, which (among other things) mandates first aid training and first aid awareness for managers, supervisors and employees.

woman in office thinks about workplace safetyResponding to Workplace Emergencies

It is essential that every workplace in Ottawa be prepared for emergencies that could arise. For offices, this means being able to respond to:

  • fire drills
  • fire evacuation signage
  • fire precautions
  • smoke detectors
  • medical emergencies (staff or visitors)
  • first aid kits
  • CPR training
  • first aid training for first responders
  • when to call 9-1-1
  • other emergencies that could arise
  • threats to the safety & welfare of the office staff

For these reasons, it is imperative for any organization to have a comprehensive safety plan as well as effective and ongoing safety training and awareness for managers and staff alike.

Workplace Safety Ottawa: Other Work Sites – Commercial & Residential Construction

ottawa new home constructinNot every Ottawa workplace is an office. Far from it, in fact.

Ottawa workplace safety goes well beyond offices and government facilities, covering a range of workplace safety in construction, light industry, warehouses and much more.

Ottawa is growing at a brisk pace, both in the commercial and residential sectors. That means that construction in Ottawa is a booming sector. New buildings are going up in downtown Ottawa and elsewhere – offices, condos, retail and more.

Residential housing capacity is scarce and housing construction in Ottawa will be underway in big volumes for years to come.

All of this points to a need for workplace safety awareness and safety training in Ottawa.

Whether you are a developer putting up a condo in downtown Ottawa or a housing tract in Kanata, Barrhaven or Orleans, or you are a support service with a warehouse, plant or other commercial or industrial facility in Ottawa, Ontario law requires that you maintain a safe workplace in Ottawa.

This includes workplace safety training, safety awareness, prevention and other aspects of workplace safety in Ottawa.

What’s the Best Way to Improve Workplace Safety?

The best way to improve workplace safety is, without a doubt, to hire health and safety professionals to train both employees and employers on everything relating to workplace safety. This approach is beneficial for a number of reasons.

First, they can accommodate the needs of your workplace. As mentioned, workplace safety is relevant in all workplaces, regardless of whether or not heavy machinery or equipment is involved. For instance, if you work in an office, a health and safety professional will tailor the lesson to ergonomics education, how to spot unsuspecting hazards and other information that is relevant to office workplaces. a manager walkaway from an employee smiling after talking about productivity and safety

Second, they have a large number of resources at their disposal and years of experience in workplace safety. You can expect a health and safety professional, such as Advanced CT, to bring invaluable knowledge to the training session. When you hire a professional, you’re not just getting instructions on how to be safe, you’re getting access to a health and safety professional that can answer any questions someone may have. 

Third, they will spot things that are easily missed by non-professionals. Watching a youtube video or asking another department for help is dangerous as these training options aren’t able to be physically present and prepared to point out hazards that are unique to that specific workplace. By hiring a professional, you are ensuring that every topic is covered and understood by employees.

Safety Consulting Services & Training for Workplace Safety Ottawa

As a leader in workplace safety in Ottawa and across Ontario, Ottawa-based Advanced Consulting & Training is your go-to source for Ottawa workplace safety training and safety consulting.

Whether you need a boom lift course in Ottawa, a first aid or CPR training class or a course or consulting on material handling safety in Ottawa, you can count on ACT.

Contact us today to find out more about how we can help with your needs for workplace safety in Ottawa.

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