Workplace Fire Evacuation: Saving Lives & Preventing Damage

workplace fire evacuation

On the heels of last week’s article on Workplace Fire Prevention, today we are revisiting a previous blog entry that’s become one of our most-read pages.

We invite you to click below and read the updated article on:

4 Key Components of Workplace Fire Evacuation Procedures

On that page you’ll find plenty of valuable tips on how to get your team prepared and knowing what to do and where to go in case of a fire. Effective and proper fire evacuation procedures can make all the difference in saving lives and preventing damage, downtime and more.

How ACT Can Help with Your Workplace Fire Safety

A leader in workplace safety training in Ontario, Advanced Consulting & Training can help your company, organization, workplace or job site create, update and manage effective fire evacuation procedures. We can also help make your workplace a safer one through manager due diligence and safety training that focus on effective fire prevention and fire safety.

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