Working at Heights: Fall Prevention & Safety in Ottawa

Construction worker wearing safety harness on roof

As Ottawa continues to grow, construction, repairs and renovation in both the residential and commercial sectors grows along with it.

With the amount of work set to take place over the next several years amidst a shortage of housing supply as well as increased demand for trades, some companies might find themselves tempted to cut corners or overlook safety in Ottawa.

But this would be a grave mistake.

Safety training for anyone working at heights is an essential component of a safe workplace, which in turn is one of the hallmarks of a reputable builder, developer or contractor.

Read on to find out about the reasons for & benefits of working at height training in Ottawa.

Falls from Height: Why Working at Height Training is Necessary

maintenance working at heights

New home construction development has been approved by the City of Ottawa, who has expanded its urban boundary in anticipation of home starts as the supply of available housing stock has put pressure on real estate prices.

In any booming market, sometimes it’s challenging for builders and contractors to keep up with demand. Corners might get cut, and oversights could occur.

That’s precisely where safety risk is heightened – specifically for falls from height.

When a contractor, developer or builder doesn’t invest in working at height training in Ottawa for any and every team member working at a height of 4-feet or greater, the risks for workplace injury are sharply increased.

While many people, upon hearing “fall from height” in Ottawa, may envision something like a crane on a condo tower under construction, working at height poses risks from virtually any height. These workplaces include

  • construction team working at heightsRoofs of houses
  • Platforms, e.g. window washing
  • Scaffolding & work access
  • Machinery requiring climbing to access
  • And, yes, high-rise construction

A fall from just about any height represents the potential for workplace injury. The higher the fall, of course, the greater the consequence for degree of injury.

This is truly one of those instances, however, where an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Prevention is the Key to Working at Heights Safely

Prevention, when it comes to working at heights and falls from height, comes in the form of safety training.

Ottawa working at height safety training and fall prevention safety training are part of an effective safety prevention plan for any safe workplace.

Safety training for working at heights and fall from height prevention can be performed on location at your workplace or job site, or at our Ottawa safety training facilities.

Working at height training should be given to any and every employee who works at a height of four feet or greater. It should also be incorporated into supervisor training and manager due diligence programs.

maintenance man working at heightsIn addition to fall prevention and working at height safety training in Ottawa, we also offer a wide range of safety consulting programs, specifically aimed at fall prevention and ensuring that your Ottawa workplace is designed for maximum safety for working at heights and fall from height prevention.

We’ll work with your managers and/or supervisors to:

  • Identify areas of concern for working at height in your workplace
  • Train all staff who work in these areas
  • Create and implement a viable plan of action to increase the safety of any and all aspects of your workplace involving working at heights

Together we can work to mitigate the risks of falls from height in your workplace.

How ACT Can Help with Working at Height Safety Programs

Hundreds of companies and organizations have counted on Advanced Consulting Training, an Ontario leader in workplace safety training and consulting, to increase their levels of safety in working at heights.

To find out more about Ottawa fall prevention safety training and Ottawa working at height training & consulting, contact us today.

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