What it Takes to Get a Health & Safety Certificate

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When it comes to health and safety in the workplace, integral contributions are made by the Health & Safety Committee as well as Health & Safety Officers.

Certification is a valuable step for a healthy & safety officer. Let’s explore how it works, and how it all comes together in the overall safety program in your company or organization.

What Is a Health & Safety Certificate

health and safety officerA certificate for occupational health and safety is a type of qualification that provides workers with a wide-ranging understanding of workplace safety procedures. It is an important qualification for those employed in a basic health and safety role.

The certified course covers basic compliance requirements mandated by municipal, provincial and federal laws and regulations, outlines safety responsibilities, and addresses typical health and safety scenarios found in the workplace. The specific requirements and course details can vary by locality as well as the specific business environment.

Job safety is important to all business operations and a Health and Safety Certificate is an important standard to demonstrate employees are properly trained in basic safety procedures.

What it Takes to Get a Health & Safety Certificate in Ontario Organizations & Work Sites

safety signs at demolition siteTo earn a Health & Safety Certificate requires passing a test, where the questions are designed to cover to cover regulatory compliance requirements, basic safety responsibilities and procedures. Questions drawn from case studies on typical workplace health and safety scenarios are a typical exam format. Through case studies of common workplace situations, test participants must understand how to identify and minimize potential work risks.

In addition to a practical test, candidates for certificates are often required to complete a specified number of on-the-job exercises or log work related safety hours. These practical requirements will vary by location and by the specific industry. What it takes to complete the exam with a passing grade is preparation and study. The exam is in addition to any on-the-job practical experience that may also be required.

How to Get Started

personal protective equipment PPEThe best place to start to obtain a Health & Safety Certificate for a specific job function or workplace is to review the company’s safety policy. All company policies should be available to existing employees and those looking for employment in a new company should request from the HR department when going through the application process.

Company policies and procedures should outline the requirements for the certification and provide contact information for additional details.

Another way for existing employees to obtain the Health & Safety Certificate is to contact the company’s Health & Safety Officer. An Occupational Health & Safety Officer is the cognizant individual responsible for implementing the company’s safety policy on a day-today basis. This Safety Officer is responsible ensure the work place is safe and hazard free and is well versed in the process of Heath and Certification of company employees.

How ACT Can Help with Your Health & Safety Programs and Policies

Health and safety certificates are important because they help keep the workplace safe. What it takes to get the certificate starts with the requirements in your locations and for your workplace. Next it takes putting in the practical hours, when required, and study for the exam.

When it comes to the overall Health and Safety of your workplace or organization, ACT are the experts.

Contact us today to find out more about how can help with your organization’s health & safety programs.

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