Tips for Preventing a Workplace Injury

construction worker filling out a safety assessment before beginning his work

An isolated workplace injury has a massive effect on the future operations of your business. Workplace injuries lead to unnecessary costs, lost labour hours, low morale, and other negative impacts.

Employers must prevent workplace injuries to ensure their staff can perform their duties without facing high risks of accidents. A combination of safety training and practical tips can prevent workplace accidents and keep company operations on track.

Ensuring Pre-employment Physical Assessments

Employers could prevent workplace accidents by requiring mental and physical screening of potential employees before offering a vacant position. Ensuring the mental and physical capability of employees makes it easy to ensure that there is no risk in hiring a potential employee. a construction working going through a physical assessment before beginning a job

For instance, welders usually undergo a practical test before securing a job offer at a worksite. Such an assessment usually aims to determine the welder’s visibility and hand control before employment.

Required assessments might include pull/grip strength tests, vision/hearing tests, medical history reviews, cardiac stress tests, drug/alcohol screening, and so on.

Providing Safety Training for Employees

General or specific safety training is crucial for employees in a hazardous working environment. All businesses have peculiar hazards that could cause injuries, but adequate training protects against severe workplace accidents.

Creating a Wellness Plan

Engaging in safety training for workers isn’t enough to prevent workplace injuries. The physical and mental wellbeing of employees is essential to accident prevention in a work environment.

Employers must create a wellness plan to see to workers’ mental and physical health needs before performing certain tasks.

three employees a part of the health and safety team discussing plans for improving workplace safety

Initiate an In-house Hazard Identification Team

Employers should create a hazard identification team among staff with the help of an experienced safety consultancy. An in-house hazard identification team will be best equipped with proper training to spot potentially harmful elements in the workplace.

Appropriate Staffing Levels

Overworking your staff could contribute to workplace accidents. Overworked employees suffer exhaustion and may resort to cutting corners to perform in a more timely manner.

Hiring part-time staff to perform some specialized tasks should help avoid accidents due to exhaustion or shortcuts.

Monitor Existing Safety Protocols

Employers must ensure checks of existing safety protocols for any lapses. Updating the existing safety measures improves steps for preventing accidents in the workplace.

Adopt Proper Housekeeping

Inadequate or improper housekeeping could cause severe health hazards to employees. Your workplace’s layout must have correct directions, cleaning stations, and debris-free surroundings.

Advanced CT Provides Professional Safety Training Solutions

a safety consultant using a clipboard to take note of risks present in a workplace

Staff at Advanced Consulting and Training Ltd. are best equipped to help businesses curate an effective framework for workplace injury prevention. Our experienced team works in line with OSHA regulations. We’ll ensure your workers understand their safety responsibilities while at work.

Common training programs offered by Advanced CT include manager due diligence, competent supervisor, working at heights safety training, and more.

Contact us today for more details on what else we can offer to beef up your company’s safety infrastructure.

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