Tips for Improving Workers Health & Safety

Two construction workers standing with their backs to the camera as they discuss safety issues at the workplace


People spend the majority of their time in the workplace, making it crucial for business owners to create a healthy and safe environment.

Not only is it a law to keep employees safe, but it’s a moral responsibility. Every employee should be able to go to work in the morning expecting to return home safe and sound. Safety issues are present in every workplace, no matter if it’s in industries such as construction and manufacturing or a retail outlet.

A safe and healthy workplace helps protect employees from injury and illness, increases productivity, and gives your company a stellar reputation. If you’re unsure how to promote health, we’ve gathered a few simple yet incredibly effective tips so that you can create a safe workplace culture.

Train Employees Wella line up of warehouse workers standing with their arms crossed and wearing masks

Hazards won’t strike at a convenient time, which is why you and your employees should be ready to handle potential dangers.

From hazard prevention and control to CPR and WHMIS training, there are various safety programs that employers can provide their employees. These programs can drastically lower the risk of injury as workers will know how to act if a hazardous situation were to take place.

The type of training will differ depending on the nature of your business. For example, factory workers will be trained to handle completely different scenarios than office workers.

Workplace safety is a skill that’s honed over time, and by hosting annual safety training, you’ll be keeping workers up to date on important procedures and processes.

Invest in a Workplace Safety Audit

A safety audit is an evaluation conducted by an external party to identify any gaps or weaknesses in your company’s safety protocols.

From a walk-through of your workplace to interviewing employees and reviewing safety documents, an audit will leave no stone unturned. The information isn’t only collected to identify hazards and potential risks, it’s used to design new and improved programs to enhance a company’s safety plans.

By proactively looking for ways to get better at controlling and avoiding health risks, you’d be safeguarding your business and its internal processes from mediocrity.

Communicate About Hazardsa safety auditor standing in a warehouse conducting a safety audit

More often than not, if it’s difficult for employees to report hazards in the workplace, they simply won’t do it. While that employee may avoid the potential danger, not notifying management can lead to the injury of another worker.

You can make it easy for employees to report health and safety concerns by appointing a member of your team as a safety supervisor and hosting regular meetings to discuss prevention and review safety rules.

Workplace Safety and Training in Ottawa

Having the right training can make all the difference when it comes to having a safe and healthy workplace.

Whether you’re looking to train your staff on the latest safety protocols and programs or want a safety audit done, we’ve got your back. No matter how big or small your team is, we can tailor training to meet your business’s needs.

Find out how Advanced Consulting & Training can help keep your workplace safe by contacting us today.

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