The Dangers of Workplace Complacency

bored warehouse worker being complacent on the job

Workplace complacency is a common threat to safety. Repeating the same jobs, again and again, can cause employees to not take the proper safety measures each time if they are comfortable enough with the task.

It’s important to take those extra few seconds with each task to make sure you aren’t overlooking the potential for an avoidable accident.

Workplace Complacency – What To Know

Complacency has always been an issue in workplaces and professions with a lot of repetition. Making sure to follow best practices in order to keep yourself and your coworkers safe is one of the most important parts of any job, so it is important to be equipped with the proper training in order to do so.

bored construction worker being complacent on the job

Here at Advanced Consulting & Training (A.C.T.), we have assembled this resource to explain workplace complacency, its dangers, and how to combat it. We provide training services to provide you and your coworkers with further information. If you find this resource helpful, contact us to book a training session.

What Is Workplace Complacency?

All workplaces will have their own individual set of potential hazards to look out for. This is especially true when workers stop taking the time to ensure all safety procedures are being followed properly. Workplace complacency is a common potential risk all across the world.

Workplace complacency is essentially the act of someone becoming so secure in their duties, that they take potentially dangerous shortcuts in their tasks to save time. They don’t take the care they once did to ensure the task is completed safely, and are more likely to become blind to deficiencies.

It is important to keep workers aware of this to avoid any potential accidents, no matter how big or small.

The Dangers Of Workplace Complacency

There are plenty of dangers surrounding complacency in the workplace. From damaged products to avoidable fatal events, anything can occur depending on the situation. To avoid these dangers, look out for the following sign in your coworkers:

  • Disengagement
  • Lack of interest in promotions
  • Loss of passion for the work
  • Frequent mistakes
  • Minimal initiative
  • Shortcuts
  • Neglecting tasks

To avoid any potential injury or accidents in the workplace due to complacency, it’s important to look out for these telltale signs.

How To Combat Workplace Complacencywarehouse workers engaged in their job

The following suggestions are the most popular ways to combat complacency, including:

  • Teach employees the value of self-awareness
  • Reinforce the companies values
  • Encourage job shadowing
  • Change up workers’ routines to avoid repetitiveness
  • Perform risk assessments
  • Build a coaching program
  • Offer incentives
  • Review employees’ long-term goals

Taking the time to implement these strategies has helped thousands of our clients’ businesses thrive.

Advanced Consulting & Training – Your Workplace Complacency Eradication Experts

It’s important to take the proper steps in order to eradicate workplace complacency amongst workers in our businesses. This will greatly reduce the risk of potential injury.

Keeping workers safe is our number one priority here at Advanced Consulting & Training. We provide world-class training to businesses all across Ottawa and the surrounding regions of Ontario. Contact us today.

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