More Things You Should Do For Workplace Safety

workplace safety training
Safety must be more than just talk in the workplace. Occupational health and safety needs to take the form of documented processes, hazard identification, and mitigation or removal. It needs to be taught in the form of training and certification courses to all employees in the work place to keep them and everyone around them safe while on the job. Here, we are going to show you a number of things you need to focus on as it relates to workplace safety. Check them out.

Provide Training for Your Employees

You can’t assume that new employees know everything about doing their job safely when they’re just starting as your employee. While they may have prior experience doing their particular job, there may be some key differences in hazards present on the job, task processes, tools, and safety policies that they will need to know so they can adjust how they perform their job tasks. Safety training for new employees is crucial to ensure they fit into your production system in a way that won’t cause illness or injury to themselves or others.

Reinforce Safety Awareness

Beyond training, it is important to reinforce the importance of workplace health and safety. As employees become more comfortable in their jobs, they run the risk of becoming more complacent, less focused on the dangers around them, and increase their risk of causing an accident. A strong company culture that focuses on safety in the workplace will constantly keep their employees on their toes with regards to staying safe while they work.

Continuously Look for Safety Weaknesses

Hazard identification is a practice that should never stop in the workplace. Even companies with a long standing health and safety program will still find safety issues and hazards to deal with. This is because businesses are constantly changing. New technologies are adopted, new facilities are constructed, new processes are implemented, and new workers are always joining the workforce. These changes spawn all sorts of new safety hazards which can be easily overlooked if the company itself has become complacent because they think they’ve found every possible safety issue that need to deal with.

Constantly Review Processes and Safety Policies

Similarly to the previous point, businesses need to be constantly reviewing their current processes and safety policies to determine if they are hazardous to employee health. As processes change, safety policies need to change with them. Consideration needs to be given to business policies such as overtime work, strenuous work tasks, long-term repetitive tasks, proper staffing and more. Many companies today overlook these safety issues because it will lead to more profits for the business, however the inherent risks involved with not reviewing these business practices and focusing on employee safety puts a company at risk of severe financial consequences.

Occupational Health & Safety is NOT Optional

A safe work place is crucial and ensuring that you have the right safety procedures and policies for things such as working at heights, first aid CPR, confined space entry, as well as things like WHMIS-GHS can create a great work environment that is safe and productive. Since Advanced Consulting and Training Ltd.’s founding, their diverse team of certified health and safety professionals have taken great pride in their ability to deliver prompt, cost-effective and relevant workplace health and safety solutions. As a CPO approved, TSSA accredited, and WSIB approved provider, we look forward to discussing how ACT can help with your company’s safety requirements. today.





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