Start Off Your New Year with a Workplace Safety Review

supervisor conducts workplace safety review


With so many companies looking to make a fresh start for the new year, there are many factors to consider for increased productivity.

Among these factors, workplace safety reviews are fundamental to employee welfare and targeted reduction of workplace-related injuries.

Several factors need close consideration for your workplace safety review.

Make use of the list below to know what aspects of your organization’s safety apparatus need review.

What Do You Need to Cover in a Workplace Safety Review in 2021?

Beginning with the indispensable factors that need review is integral to an efficient assessment of your workplace safety systems, procedures and processes.

Here are the safety protocols that should get careful assessment first:

supervisor conducts workplace safety review

Emergency systems

In a bid to avert catastrophic workplace accidents, several worksites, organizations, companies, etc. have emergency response systems in place.

Maintaining these systems is essential to guaranteeing a swift, efficient response if an incident were to occur.

Aside from maintaining existing systems, it is important for organizations to look carefully at the relevance of their emergency systems.

Inspecting your emergency response systems and cross-referencing with the latest safety apparatus is essential to keeping your workers safe.

Consider regular checks for equipment updates to your existing emergency response equipment.

Hazard assessment

managers oversee workplace safety reviewEvery company has its fair share of hazards, particularly industrial and construction firms.

Identifying the hazards likely to cause injuries to your staff is important to keeping your operations running.

With hazard assessment, you can check out where your firm’s safety apparatus is getting enormous stress.

When the points of stress in your safety system are identified, it becomes comfortable to initiate remedial measures.

Machinery inspection

Regular inspection of equipment your staff uses in daily operations is another crucial factor to review.

Reviewing equipment required for day-to-day operations makes worker safety easier to improve.

Also, reviewing your equipment promotes productivity and keeps your investment cost-effective.

Other Essential Details to Review in Your Workplace

woman inspects fire extinguisher in workplace safety reviewIn addition to the aforementioned items, also consider the following for your workplace safety review:

  • Frequency of specialized safety sessions for improving staff knowledge on accident prevention protocols
  • Making a regular habit of workplace safety meetings to keep workers abreast of the latest safety issues
  • PPE awareness training and best practices
  • Review of disciplinary measures for defaulting employees

With these in place, your job site or company will be well on its way to maintaining and strengthening its workplace safety.

How We Can Help Your Workplace Safety Reviews

With your critical safety systems reviewed, assuring quality protection for your staff and input is more comfortable.

What’s missing? A reputable firm with industry knowledge and experience to help make your workplace safety reviews more efficient.

If you decide going solo when reviewing your safety procedures, some things could go missing. Consider consulting a trusted safety-consulting firm with the professionalism you need!

Across Ontario, dozens of organizations and work sites trust Advanced Consulting and Training Ltd. for workplace safety reviews. At ACT, we take pride in delivering the perfect mix of know-how and experience for our clients’ benefit.

Contact our team today, and get professional guidance on operations safety reviews that keep your workers safe from hazards and your workplace safety and productivity at high levels.

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