Safety Solutions for the Modern Workplace

Workplace safety is critically important in every field of work whether it’s an office or active construction site. Anything could happen at any time, and it’s the responsibility of the workplace and the employees to know how to react to adverse situations. It’s important to find safety solutions, such as CPR training, for your workplace to ensure that employees can respond quickly and effectively.

Things move quickly in the modern workplace. It’s important to evolve your safety standards as fast as you evolve your workplace to make sure that employees and clients are protected at all times from risk and harm. There are even things you can do right now to improve your workplace’s health and safety training. Let’s get started!

The Modernization of Safe Standards

workplace safety team inspecting

It may seem unbelievable these days, but not even 100 years ago workers were building skyscrapers with no protective gear other than a measly rope tied around them. The industrial revolution and the decades following it introduced the concept of workplace safety as people’s deplorable working conditions became noticed by society and policymakers.

Evolutions to workplace safety were rapid in the 20th century. Acts, such as the 1964 Industrial Safest Act, promoted stricter requirements for health and safety training and safety equipment. Workplaces are now required to educate their staff on a wide range of safety solutions. WHMIS, for instance, aims to educate workers on hazardous chemicals.

Safety Training and the Modern Workplace

Safety solutions are important for workplaces because they provide protection for the workplace, employees, and anybody who may be liable. Overall, safety programs have been shown to significantly decrease workplace incidents. 

There are, however, many reasons why a company may be interested in educating their employees about workplace health and safety. Increased productivity, employees requiring fewer days off due to sickness or injury, and lower compensation expenses are a few of the benefits of health and safety training. People typically associate safety programs with a waste of time – this is an unfortunate misconception. For the reasons stated above, safety programs actually boost employee efficiency and save time across all areas of the workspace. 

3 Immediate Safety Solutions for Your Workplace

Inspect Your Workplacesafety instructor wearing orange vest

Walk through your office and inspect all tools, equipment, and workstations to ensure that everything is being kept up to code. Speak with your peers to determine if they’re sufficiently educated on safety practices and whether or not they’re following guidelines. Inspecting the safety status of your workplace is the first step to making it a safer place!

Keep Records of Incidents

Make a detailed record of the safety-related events in your office, such as illnesses, injuries, and even safety training. This will help you notice patterns of unsafe practices in your workspace.

Hire a Health and Safety Consultant

The biggest impact you can make in your workplace is by hiring a safety consultant that specializes in safety solutions for modern workplaces. Advanced Training & Consulting hosts in-person and online training services that are expertly tailored to give employees the best training available. Advanced Training & Consulting’s programs have been delicately crafted with over 24 years of experience in the industry. Don’t wait until it’s too late – contact Advanced Training & Consulting today.

Expert Safety Solutions in Ottawa

Advanced Consulting & Training is Ottawa’s superior workplace health and safety consultant. We can help increase your workplace’s standard of safety by educating employees through in-person or online training programs. 

Contact Advanced Consulting & Training today to receive your personalized safety solution and benefit from increased employee morale, lower compensation expenses, and most importantly, a safer work environment for everybody.

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