Online Safety Training – What You Need to Know

construction worker completing an online safety training course

One of the many changes that came with the COVID-19 pandemic was the mass transition to online learning. While online learning existed long before the pandemic, it wasn’t until recently that its benefits became widely recognized.

In our line of work, online safety training became a highly requested service to help companies train their employees in a safe and convenient way. Keep reading to learn how doing safety training online through Advanced Consulting & Training can improve your business, save you time and money, and refine the quality of your team!

How Health & Safety Training Improves Your Business

The business benefits of online health and safety training are plentiful, so we’ll only focus on a small sample of them.a close up shot of a computer keyboard

Employees need to feel safe, otherwise, they will leave. This is why it is so important to have quality training programs. If a company does the bare minimum to protect employees, such as hiring an inexperienced in-person trainer, they are likely to seek employment somewhere with higher standards. Online safety training programs from Advanced Consulting & Training solve this problem by providing affordable and very effective training solutions that employees can rely on. Simply put, the effectiveness of online training programs, such as our nationally-recognized WHMIS/GHS safety program, will attract employees and lower turnover rates.

Another benefit of online safety training is simple – an improved company reputation. You can expect higher conversion rates if your safety reputation is positive because Customers notice if your company promotes a workplace culture that emphasizes safety. The bottom line is that online safety training will pay for itself many times over in profits, customer conversion, and improved employee retention.

How Online Safety Programs Save You Time and Money

Traditional training programs are troublesome for everybody involved. You need to coordinate a date that minimizes the number of working hours lost, you need to rent a space to host the training, and you need to pay an expert trainer to show up and teach. What a hassle! These problems are eliminated with the use of online safety programs. The affordable price of online training programs lets you direct your company’s budget to other areas of your business while providing your employees with a deep understanding of safety practices.

Contact Advanced Consulting & Training the next time your employees are in need of training. Our quality safety training programs save you thousands of dollars while equipping your team with life-saving knowledge.

How Online Safety Programs Properly Train Your Employeestwo construction workers congratulating each other on a job well done

One of the main benefactors of online safety training is your employees. Online training augments the traditional training experience by eliminating cumbersome aspects of in-person learning. Some of these aspects include the organization of large groups, scheduling conflicts, and adjustments to learning styles.

Employees respond better to health and safety training when they have control over their learning. They can learn at their own pace instead of worrying about the progress of their peers and they can cater the program to their learning style. The result is that employees are more engaged. The benefit of increased engagement is obvious – your employees will be better equipped to work safely and efficiently.

Online Safety Training With Advanced Consulting & Training

Advanced Consulting & Training has an extensive catalogue of clients that have experienced the benefits of our world-class online safety training programs. Contact us today to learn about how our online safety programs can improve your business, save you time and money, and equip your employees with life-saving knowledge.


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