Keeping Workers Safe During Cold Winter Weather

worker operating equipment in winter

Employers need to ensure that employees who work in cold winter weather get the right protection and safe working conditions.

Without the right safety equipment and workplace safety training, it becomes challenging to ensure that workers stay secure.

Currently, there are no standards to determine how much ice is not safe for workers. But with stats showing several thousand ice-related injuries each year, winter work safety becomes compulsory.

Who Is Affected by Winter Weather Work?

Companies with workers in the list below will immensely benefit from winter weather safety:

  • Outdoor workers – utility line employees, construction workers, lumberjacks, etc.
  • Workers that need to navigate challenging winter conditions before getting to your facility
  • Employees that may work outside occasionally – welders, plumbers, electricians, etc.
  • People that may work at heights during cold weather

As you can see, workplace safety takes on a new concern when it comes to the winter months for many companies and job sites.

How Can Companies Keep Their Workers Safe in the Winter

workers at construction site in winterDriving safety information

If your workers need to drive during cold weather, the chances of a mishap spike significantly.

Unplanned slips & falls could occur, sending your employee reeling from an ice-induced accident.

Provide your workers comprehensive information on how best to navigate roads plagued by ice.

Cold-weather safety kit

Make sure all your vehicles operating in the snow get outfitted with winter weather safety kits.

Among the main items to include are synthetic hand warmers, survival gear, provisions, and an emergency blanket.  Your cold weather safety kit should also include medical supplies and communications equipment.

Provide location gear for lone workers

Lone worker safety is essential in any condition. But when it comes to winter, securing your lone workers becomes tasking without the right tools.

Tech advancements currently make it more comfortable for one person to get enhanced protection in challenging weather.

worker operating snowplow in winter

Apps and location gear should be a part of your employees’ inventory. With such tools, it becomes easier to locate stranded workers in the snow.

Sensitize workers on self-care

Even the most well-crafted winter safety campaigns could fail when your workers do not have accurate information.

Regular training of your winter-time employees is integral to making the most of their safety.

This includes:

  • Best work practices during cold weather
  • Employee care in winter
  • Equipment required to navigate wet roads
  • What to do if an accident happens in the snow
  • Survival techniques for winter weather
  • Protective gear for winter employees

worker operating equipment in winterWhen it comes to worker safety in challenging conditions, ACT offers all the information you need. With the premium solutions on offer, worker safety becomes easier to manage.

Provide emergency response gear

There is a minimal chance of workers still getting injured out in the cold even with all safety tips implemented. Companies need to have a reliable emergency response team to reach out to stranded workers.

The initial moments after a worker gets injured are critical, particularly in cold weather.

Consider installing a system that reaches out to emergency medical services, and initiate your own life-saving protocols immediately after.

How ACT Can Help You Prepare For Winter Workplace Safety

To assure complete protection for your workers in the winter, talk to us today.

We will be happy guide you through workplace safety during cold weather.

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