Confined Space Management: Basic Skills & Safety Upgrades

worker looking up in confined spaceSeveral tasking operations exist across workplaces in Ontario today. Among these tasking operations, navigating confined spaces remains a hazard most employees can’t avoid.

Mostly common to the construction and industrial sectors, workers need to move through tight spaces to complete their operations.

Since it is recognized that confined space management is integral to smooth operation, proper confined space management and safety training are essential for continued workplace safety.

Basics of Confined Space Management

Confined spaces are unique and vary across job sites. With such variance in dimensions and designs, one training regime may not fit all spaces.

worker exiting from confined spaceThat is why it is essential to give your employees the right information & training on the confined spaces specific to your operation. With core details on job hazards in your sites’ confined spaces, safer navigation becomes easier to achieve.

In this regard, it is expedient for employers to enlist the help of professional confined space management consultants. These firms will make transmitting essential details on your site’s confined spaces to employees more comfortable.

Providing employees information on how to navigate confined spaces

Consultants can provide this information through:

  • Assessing your job site and identifying all hazards, particularly in confined spaces
  • Informing employers of inherent dangers attached to such workspaces
  • Make recommendations on the kind of confined space training your staff needs
  • Provide information on proper inventorying of your confined spaces for smoother and safer employee entry, operation, and exit

Hiring a trusted firm means leveraging the experience, knowledge and up-to-date familiarity of regulations and best practices in confined space entry.

Provision of essential confined space equipment

worker entering confined spaceAvailing employees with the right gear helps in maintaining safe operation in confined environments.

Safety gear such as breathing apparatus, hard impact protection, and ideal PPE fall in this category.

With all the right equipment for operating in confined spaces provided, your employees can be safer.

Emergency response training

Teaching your staff the basics of emergency response when in confined spaces involves:

  • Setting up communication equipment to be used if an accident takes place
  • Survival techniques in tight spaces, etc.

An integral aspect of confined space management targets steps to be taken if an accident occurs.

Upgrades to Management of Confined Spaces

measuring air safety in confined spaceApplying upgrades to managing your confined spaces is integral to safer navigation of tight environments.

Most companies rely on periodical Confined Space Inventories for working in hazardous spaces.

For the best updates to your existing system, check out more information below.

Advanced Consulting and Training – Ontario’s Trusted Confined Space Solutions

With your personnel’s safety and response to emergencies in confined spaces reviewed, accidents are less likely to occur.

But you need to ask vital questions beforehand – should you go solo in availing your staff confined space management training? Do you have the experience and personnel to carry out detailed upgrades to your staff’s navigation of confined spaces?

Going it alone may not be the ideal option to guarantee better navigation and safety for your staff in tight spaces. And chances are, you may not have the right personnel and training to undertake an effective confined space training.

To get your confined space entry basics and upgrades just right, you need access to a professional confines management-consulting firm.

If you are in Ontario, look no further than Advanced Consulting and Training Ltd. We have a wealth of expertise to set up and overhaul your confined space operations.

Get in touch with our team for all best practices for employees working in tight spaces.

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