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Developing a Confined Space
Inventory List

Working in confined spaces is one of the more dangerous elements on job sites. Working safely in confined spaces requires that a strict safety process and aa series of precautions be followed. 85% of confined space accidents are preventable – so long as workers are educated about job hazards & have a structure in place that is tasked towards prevention. An important part of confined space safety is the establishing, maintaining and updating of a confined space inventory.

The first step in the process is setting out to detail a list of all confined spaces on the job site, premises, campus, etc. It is important that management and all appropriate supervisors and staff are aware of such spaces and the inherent danger that they may bring. This does not mean that work cannot be performed in these spaces; so long as the spaces have been identified and inventoried – and proper confined space training has been given – authorized personnel may perform work in these spaces as needed.

a worker with a harness is lowered into a confined space
A danger sign in front of a confined space

Securing a Confined Space Entry Permit, Working Safely Within

Once confined spaces are identified and inventoried, the organization can then establish these as permit-required confined spaces (PRCS). This is necessary to ensure that anyone with a confined space entry permit has received proper training on working in confined spaces and has been briefed as to the nature of this particular confined space, its configuration and inherent risks and hazards. Confined Space Inventory identifies hazardous environments, configurations and/or materials; and whether any other safety or health hazards are present.

At Advanced Consulting and Training, we can put together a Confined Space Inventory program for your organization or work site. We also offer training courses and consulting in confined space inventory. This way your company or organization can work safely and be in compliance with workplace safety laws, regulations and best practices. Contact us today to find out more and ensure that your operations in confined space entry are safe and compliant.

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