Boom Lift Safety Checklist

Operating a boom lift is potentially dangerous since anything can go wrong. This is more likely to happen if proper safety measures are not observed. Everyone who is looking to operate these aerial lifts must learn about boom lift safety.

With proper boom lift training, you can safely deploy these machines without worrying about anything.

Everything You Need To Know About Boom Lift Safety

Boom lifts are mostly used when tackling tasks that may require you to reach high places. They are commonly used in construction sites but come in handy when handling other industrial tasks.

Boom lifts allow for vertical and horizontal reach, making them essential for most outdoor tasks. Below are some safety tips for operating boom lifts:

Always Go Through the Pre-use Safety Checklist

By going through the boom lift safety checklist, you can prevent accidents before they occur. Additionally, ensure that you follow all the safety guidelines before getting on a boom lift.

Attach a Harness

Although there is a small chance the operator may fall from the boom lift platform, a harness must be worn in case something goes wrong.

Don’t Sit on the Edges of the Platform

One can easily fall from a boom lift platform if one sits too close to the edges. Boom lift operators should at no time try to reach areas that are too far away.

The Base Should Be Kept Clear at All Times

When operating a boom lift, the area around the base must be clear of other workers. This is because tools can easily fall from the platform, thereby causing serious injuries to those who are below the lift.

Don’t Exceed the Weight Limit

Boom lifts differ in terms of performance and also have varying weight limits. For safety purposes, the operator must check the weight limit before loading tools onto the platform.

What Kind of Certification Do You Need To Operate a Boom Lift?

It is illegal to operate a boom lift without proper training and a valid certification. The training requirements for operating a boom lift may, however, vary from one region to another. Uncertified boom lift operators risk facing legal charges since they are exposing themselves and others to danger.

Boom lift training programs should only be offered by certified trainers to prevent operators from missing out on important things. During training, boom lift operators cover a wide range of safety topics, thus increasing their competence in the workplace. They are taught how to perform inspections, assess the work environment, prevent accidents, etc.

Boom Lift Safety Checklist Summary

Safety protocols and procedures have been developed to protect the safety of everyone at a job site. Here is an overview of what’s included in a boom lift safety checklist:

  • Pre-use inspection
  • Avoid overhead obstructions
  • Maximum fall protection
  • Evaluate all job site factors

Advanced Consulting & Training – Boom Lift Safety Training

Working with a boom lift can be quite challenging and dangerous without proper training. Everything mentioned in this article is just some of the safety tips that can help protect yourself and others from work-related injuries.

At Advanced Consulting & Training, we have designed our Boom Lift Training workshop for those who have little or no working knowledge of operating an Aerial Boom Lift Work Platform. For those who are already trained and certified, it is a great refresher course. During our workshop, you’ll learn proper fall protection practices specific to Boom Lifts and safe operations to ensure that you protect yourself and others.

If you’re interested in our Boom Lift course in Ottawa, contact our team today!

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