Boom Lift Course and Boom Lift Recertification

boom lift in Ontario

Boom lifts are sometimes indispensable to some companies’ operations. AEWPs are popular for challenging jobs that demand aerial access.

The maneuvering ability and long reach of boom lifts make them a favourite in construction and widespread industrial use.

Even if boom lifts appear to be user-friendly, extensive training is required to operate this equipment.

Boom lift operators need to undergo training in efficient and safe use. Without such training, the chances of mishaps get a lot higher.

Boom Lift Certification Course

The boom lift course comprises two components namely;

Theoretical component – legislative requirements, stated operator duties, operating procedures, handling techniques, etc.

Practical component – Pre-shift boom lift inspection training, operating protocols, and general mounting/dismount procedure

Here is a detailed look into both components in this boom lift course.

boom lift in OntarioFundamentals

Essential aspects of the boom lift make up this topic.

Hazard identification

Hazards capable of derailing the boom lift operation process get spelled out in this topic

Types of boom lifts

Vital information on powered and manual boom lifts are in this topic

Boom lift characteristics and machine stability information

Features of boom lifts and how to elicit better operating stability gets a detailed look

Long-term focused maintenance

Maintenance techniques targeted at minimal loss is what this topic focuses on

Analysis of job site safety

A detailed look at workplace safety during boom operation makes up this topic

boom lift in OntarioSafe machine operation techniques

Proper boom lift operation is what this topic is all about

Other topics include:

  • Basic operating protocols
  • Boom lift controls
  • Range of motion
  • Dismounting techniques

How Long Does a Boom Lift Certification Course Last?

Boom lift courses rarely exceed one day. In most cases, this course lasts within 3 – 6hrs.

Boom Lift Recertification

Boom lift recertification is essential for participants with previous boom lift training.

Participants get ROTs at the end of each recertification course as a sign of successful course completion.

Refresher Sessions

An in-house boom lift instructor program could be necessary for companies with many boom lift operators.

The premium firm capable of delivering outstanding boom lift training is ACT. Check out why ACT is the best for guaranteeing operators’ efficiency and safety.

ACT – The Number One Boom Lift Training Solutions Provider

boom lift in OntarioFor more than two decades, Advanced Consulting and Training Ltd has delivered job site health and safety solutions. These solutions provide our client cost-effective and explicit facts to aid improved employee safety.

We pride ourselves as having the finest crop of safety and health professionals. Our expert staff provide essential boom lift training targeted at improving employee safety across job sites.

Also, we offer:

  • In-house courses all over the Ontario axis and at our designated training centre
  • Consulting and safety development solutions, audits, and management training
  • Custom training schedules aimed at meeting your company’s immediate safety needs

Contact us today. Our dedicated customer service team will get you connected to the very best in boom lift training for workplace health and safety.

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