3 Safety Advice Tips for the Workplace

There are risks in every workplace. Whether you work on an oil rig, at your local beer store, or in a government office, there are hazards that can potentially put you in harm’s way. Moreover, workplace accidents are typically the result of health and safety oversight.

Taking the precautionary steps to prevent a workplace disaster is a short task that can save lives. Usually, these tasks are seen as mundane chores – however, they can make the difference between life and death. 

Most of these safety tips apply to both employees and employers alike. If you are an employee that is not in a position to make changes, bring up these ideas with your employer and discuss ways you can implement them. 

Take Scheduled Breaksworkers safely getting to work

People aren’t designed to grind their work for eight hours a day or longer! Taking a break and changing your environment is a great way to keep your mind attentive and alert. The more aware you are, the less chance there is of you making an absent-minded mistake that could be harmful. 

Taking breaks is even more important for jobs involving physical labour. Constant heavy labour strains the body and can lead to permanent damage unless breaks are taken throughout the day. Taking breaks is an often overlooked piece of safety advice, but it is critically important to remember!

Invest in Health and Safety Training

This one is a no-brainer. If there is one workplace safety tip to act on, it’s hiring a health and safety training service. While safety advice blogs like this contain useful information for keeping up with safety protocols, it’s still in the best interest of yourself and your colleagues to be educated on every area of workplace safety by an expert.

Highly-credible workplace health and safety experts, such as Advanced CT, have the experience, qualifications, and education to fully train workplaces on modern health and safety practices. They go into intense detail about the ins and outs of workplace safety and tailor their lessons to suit the workplace environment. Hire a professional today and save a life in the future!

Keep the Office Clutter-Freecoworkers going over safety regulations

Clutter, both in large and small volumes, poses great safety risks to employees in the workplace. For instance, every employee in the office is placed at extreme risk if an emergency exit is barricaded by clutter. Boxes, machinery, and other office equipment can prove deadly if not moved prior to an emergency.

Typically, people only think of the aforementioned clutter culprits – boxes, machinery, etc – as the only safety hazards. In reality, however, stretched wires and cabling pose an equally great risk. Make sure all wires are managed and correctly tucked away to prevent people from tripping.

Advanced CT – Ottawa’s Safety Advice Experts

Contact Advanced CT to give your workplace the health and safety training it deserves. People frequently overlook common workplace hazards and inadvertently put employers and employees alike at great risk. 

With an elaborate selection of in-person and online training programs, we are confident that our courses will provide your workplace with the knowledge and skills required to work safely and in accordance with all health and safety policies. Save a life today!

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