Workplace Safety Audits in Ottawa: Local Experts to Ensure a Safe Job Site or Workplace

workers participate in workplace safety auditEven if you are not concerned about a labour ministry inspector popping by your workplace without notice, jobsite audits are essential.

Businesses in Ottawa and other areas across Ontario need periodic workplace inspections to ensure their compliance with laid-down regulations.

To avoid getting a “Stop Work Order” from the Chief Prevention Officer, it is essential to conduct industry-standard workplace audits. Regular safety audits of your workplace aid proper maintenance and employee safety.

When undertaking the audit, know that inspectors are not gunning to close down your business. But a disruption of your operation could serve as a warning if your audit falls short of expectations.

Essential Elements of Effective Workplace Safety Audits

Frequent audits

Several dynamics at the workplace make regular safety audits essential.

Rather than put off your in-house safety audit to be an annual affair, consider timelier safety checks.

When frequent audits become the norm in your workplace, managers and supervisors will have to ensure sustained compliance.

Regular audits eliminate the occurrence of relaxed standards. With relaxed standards eliminated, your workplace will be ready for the CPO’s visit any day.

workers participate in workplace safety auditObjective auditors

Never saddle staff members working in a particular section for a safety inspection.

Objectivity is a key factor in ensuring a proper workplace safety audit.

Consider entrusting the audit to qualified and well-trained personnel. People tasked with carrying out the workplace safety audit need to perform their duties objectively.

Nothing should be left out when assessing the safety infrastructure of your workplace.

Advance-stage preparations

The success of a workplace safety audit is a collective responsibility of auditors and staff members.

It is best for managers to prepare their records before the audit kicks off.

Also, safety audit personnel should look at previous records and corrective recommendations from past checks. Personnel responsible for safety audits should have updated information of documentation and inspecting work sites.

It is also essential for safety auditors to determine the scope of inspection beforehand.

Detailed record management

workers participate in workplace safety auditAfter the audit takes place, detailed record keeping is essential.

Safety auditors need to look at available information for their designated inspection section.

With this information, auditors can easily identify and assess potential work site safety hazards.

Report of findings

A comprehensive report of all findings reached during the audit wraps up worksite safety audits.

Everything from comments, suggestive steps, recommendations and more should feature in this report.

Most importantly, the report’s findings should round off with a conclusion.

The conclusion will outline where any lapses or standard safety apparatus are in the worksite.

Advanced Consulting and Training Ltd – Professional Workplace Safety Audits in Ottawa

worker participates in workplace safety auditEnsuring professionalism in undertaking a workplace safety audit is pivotal to business success.

At Advanced Consulting and Training Ltd., we are poised to meet your worksite safety audit needs. ACT is a major player in health and safety consulting for Ottawa businesses.

Our team of experts serve satisfied customers in Ottawa and throughout Ontario.

Contact us today and get the professional workplace audit and safety training your worksite needs.

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