Why Forklift Training Needs to Meet CSA Standards

forklift operator that has training that meets CSA standardsApart from being the capital of Canada, Ottawa is a thriving hub for industrial activity.

To promote forklift safety, Ottawa lift truck operators are required to meet CSA standards. Proper training adds to the benefits of holding a forklift license and ensures smooth operations.

Most inexperienced forklift operators have no idea why their training needs to meet CSA standards. Proper certification for forklift operation means your overall operations are safer for everyone at your workplace.

What are CSA Standards?

CSA standards are safety standards for a wide range of machinery, devices and equipment. Established in the late 1910s, the Canadian Standards Association acts as a non-government organization that standardizes products.

The CSA is over 100 years old and currently conducts product certification and testing. For a piece of machinery to meet CSA standards, its performance must be above a pre-determined threshold.

What CSA Standard Concerns Lift Trucks?

certified forklift operating safely using a forklift

The CSA Standard B335–15, tagged “Safety Standard for Lift Trucks” involves the implementation of safety programs for lift trucks. The standard also covers:

  • Development of safety programs for lift trucks,
  • Medical and fitness requirements for lift truck trainers,
  • Operator training requirements,
  • Qualifications of lift truck trainers,
  • Repair and general maintenance practices for lift trucks, etc.

CSA Standard B335-15 covers several aspects of lift truck training to ensure drivers of heavy lifting equipment are competent. Standard B335-15 defines four-key aspects:

  • Theory,
  • Knowledge verification,
  • Hands-on training, and
  • Practical evaluation

All four levels of this standard need to be covered extensively to make sure trainees understand and fully absorb the best lift truck practices.

Reasons Why Forklift Training Needs to Meet CSA Standards

warehouse working during forklift training

CSA Standards provide a broad, ongoing performance-monitoring framework for supervisors

Old standards for lift truck training required operators to undergo retraining every 36 months and re-assessments every 18 months.

Unlike outdated standards, CSA B335-15 puts more responsibility for forklift training in the hands of management. Employers and supervisors must monitor their operators’ performance over shorter periods, sometimes within 3 – 6 months.

However, there is no pre-determined timeline and operator performance could be monitored over shorter periods.

CSA Standards ease identification of circumstances that may require retraining of operators

When CSA standards are met in forklift training, it is easy for employers to:

  • Carry out retraining when new equipment is added to essential workplace machinery
  • Assess when the operating environment and conditions for lift trucks need overhauling
  • Inspect operations for deficiencies in knowledge or skills
  • Adapt to changes in applicable legislation for lift truck training

Forklift training needs to meet CSA standards for a wide range of reasons to aid trainers and workers meet best practices.

Advanced Consulting & Training – Forklift Trainingforklift training in session

Apart from holding a forklift license, operators need to meet several safety standards in their workplace. With correct forklift training, it becomes less challenging for operators to carry out their duties safely and professionally.

At Advanced Consulting & Training, we offer forklift safety & operation training in Ontario that meets CSA Standards. If you’re interested in working towards a safer workplace with Advanced Consulting & Training, contact us today!

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